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The Green Machine

marijesusSorry for two religious cartoons in a row but I recently read several articles about law enforcement corruption, marijuana legalization, and African-American incarceration rates that intertwine in the most insidious fashion. The root of their putrifaction is twisted in the roots of Biblical morality.

We're living in a country where our government has arbitrarily criminalized hemp, initially to benefit the Dupont Corporation, but is now using it as a tool to incarcerate and disenfranchise vast swaths of Americans, primarily the African-American population, and to slowly slash away at the Bill of Rights to fight a pointless war on drugs in general.

Corporations (pharamceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes, take your pick) unhappy with a consumer product which, unlike alcohol or cigarettes, can be easily grown in the back yard are lobbying frantically to keep it illegal, with the meat of their efforts resulting in massive financial kickbacks to entice police departments to keep the arrest yield up, even if it means convicting the innocent.

Most Americans aren't interested in viewing this controversy from a logical position because they're steeped in Biblical vindictiveness, not redemption, therefore the majority opinion is that people who use recreational drugs deserve to rot in prison. Of course, if you're rich enough to afford the best lawyers that's never a problem.

Right, Mr. Limbaugh?

The drug war is the new Jim Crow, the police are drunk on power, and marijuana's foes are getting rich from lobbying.


Because the government relies on the Tenth Amendment to control marijuana's distribution what we, the people, must do is pass an Amendment to the Constitution that makes marijuana Constitutionally illegal. Yes, illegal. That will then give us the opportunity to pass another Amendment which makes it legal. Just like alcohol.

The cool part is that we could fight for both Amendments at the same time. Criminalize it. Decriminalize it. All in one afternoon in Washington, D.C.


It's a plant, people. It's only a plant. Come to your senses. Decriminalize it.

Final note: I don't smoke anything. Never have. (If I get cancer, then I'll probably try it.) I'm just sick and tired of seeing marijuana used as excuse to decapitate the civil rights of Americans.)



Note 1: Rush Limbaugh has now lost 50 advertisers and reduced to playing dead air during his commercial breaks.

Note 2: Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski voted for the Blunt-Rubio, then got an earful from her constituents. Now she regrets her vote. Way to keep that nose to the wind, Senator.

Note 3: According to NASA, in two years human space exploration will takes its biggest leap in four decades with the arrival of the impressivd new Orion launch system.

Note 4: Forbes Magazine offers 218 reasons to re-elect President Obama. Read the list and try and think of five good reasons to have voted for George "Fucking" Bush in 2004.

Note 5: Brazil rejected austerity economics, now they're the sixth-biggest economy in the world. Number five is the UK, deep in its austerity cups, and is about to be overtaken by Brazil. Samba-riffic!

Note 6: And, just for good measure, Rick Santorum.


And now our Chart of the Day: Mitt Romney's favorability. (Doesn't look good for Mittens.)

mittens favroability

Click here for an immensely larger version.


Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation3-9-2012: The House spent all day Thursday debating H.R. 3606, the "Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act". It is better known as the "Reopening American Capital Markets to Emerging Growth Companies Act". What it actually is, is a financial market deregulation bill. What it REALLY is, is a fake jobs bill.

View the entire two-year list of non-job-related House activities here.

Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies! In 2008 Fox News thought the Chevy Volt was a great idea. Then Obama got elected. Guess what the little bastards think now? Uh-huh.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

end rant

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Man: I wonder where we got the idiotic idea that certain plants should be outlawed?

Eden Police: Chief, I got me two perps on a B-19; unlawful consumption of a controlled substance. Shall I throw the good book at 'em?

God: Damn right! They in a HEAP a trouble, boy!

Eve: It's not mine! I swear! I was just holding it for a friend!