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Magic Money Machine.

money lendersThe funny thing is, the system in today's comic would actually work if the poor prayed for money that was primarily owned by the rich (and if there WAS a god which, you know, there ain't). Otherwise, the Cosmic Accountant would have to introduce capital into the system, inevitably resulting in an inflationary death spiral.

The positive side of being reduced to a barter system is that greenbacks would be relegated to lighting witch-hunt bonfires, not so much "root of all evil".

Though, come to think of it, currency allocation might rely on who could pray hardest and most sincerely. Organized communal groups might pool their fervor and blast God with distributed attacks over the seraphic sub-networks, perhaps even overload the circuits so that no one else could get a prayer in edgewise.

It's a concept.

Unfortunately for the devout, the whole "give your money to the poor" rule is not really an option if you plan on singing hosannas throughout eternity whilst floating through the ether, pluckng a harp. It's more or less mandatory. Really.

Personally, I like it if for no other reason than it takes away the option of a last-minute conversion by life-long profligates. As your last breath races for the exits it's much easier to belch out a "Oops! Many excusi!" than it is to divest yourself of a collection of Rush Limbaugh commemorative Oxycontin dispensers.



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Note 1: There are some hospitals, like New York's Mount Sanai, which have special wings designed specifically for wealthy sick people. The units come complete with concierges, back-rubs, lobster tails for lunch, the whole nine yards. This wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that we tax-payers are paying for this.

Note 2: If you're at all squeamish about what's in your kid's school lunch hamburger then don't read this. (Read it anyway.)

Note 3: Atomtronics. It's the next Fullerene.

Note 4: If you HAVE to have a tattoo...

Note 5: Brazil rejected austerity economics, now they're the sixth-biggest economy in the world. Number five is the UK, deep in its austerity cups, and is about to be overtaken by Brazil. Samba-riffic!

Note 6: And, just for good measure, Rick Santorum.


And now our Chart of the Day: Percentage of churches reporting a decline in giving during 2010.

decline in church giving 2010 chart

Click here for a modestly larger version.



Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation3-7-2012: On Monday the House spent two whole hours naming two federal buildings and a post office. Then adjourned for the day. On Tuesday they spent the day shuffling paper regarding a Bureau of Reclamation bill involving hydropower development.

View the entire two-year list of non-job related House activities here.

Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies! In 2008, with $4.11 gas, Fox News stated that "no President can lower gas prices." They're now singing a vastly different tune. Gee, wonder why? Hmmmmm.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

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The Ecclesiastic Economic Exploit

Pray to god to become rich.
God listens and makes you wealthy.
Get Bible. Re-read Luke 12:33-34.
Give all your money to the poor.
Rinse and repeat.