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Tar. Feathers. Some Assembly Required.

meet the weaselsIf you lived in a village of less than a thousand people and one of the town officials made it his honor-bound duty to destroy the schools, make the food unsafe to eat, incite frivolous war with other villages, and change the tax laws to make him and his friends as wealthy as possible at the expense of the poor and aged chances are excellent that a public holiday involving heated tar and chicken feathers would be inevitably celebrated with an unsurprising amount of gusto.

Unfortunately, we are a village of millions, separated from the machinations of governance by a scrim of propaganda and misinformation masquerading as news. As a result, it is a glorious time to be greedy and unscrupulous. In fact, there has never been a period in history where so much has been owned by so few, and these "few" don't just want more, they want it all, no matter what the cost. That's what the "fiscal cliff" is really all about.

You see, the tools of the wealthy, the whores who call themselves the Grand Old Party, would happily send the U.S. economy spiraling into a true depression rather than deny their masters an extra 3% tax benefit.

Yes, 3%.

You may end up on the breadline but depressions don't affect the rich. They'll be juuust fine. They'll always have a few extra million tucked away in order to buy another set of Congressman when the time comes.

So thank you, all you Second Amendment freaks, all you right-to-lifers, all you homophobics, all you closet-racists, for voting for candidates who could not give a DAMN about you or this country.


Get well, Hillary.


end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Republican: Hello, police? I found a man beaten almost to death. I think I saw some black guy do it.

Republican: Hello, police? I found a man starved half to death. I pretty sure it was some black guy that did this.

Republican: Hello, police? I just pushed, I mean, I just saw a man fall off a cliff. I'll bet some black guy did it.

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