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Over the Edge

fiscal cliffThe dreaded "fiscal cliff" is looming (there's that word again) but it's not really as bad as you think. There's plenty of money to fund the gummint but we just have to know where and how to get it. For the full story, go read the Mother Jones article titled "10 Ways to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff."

Why are we even worrying about the fiscal cliff or the debt ceiling fight? As Paul Krugman puts it "Because the Republican Party is out of ideas."

Another way to save big tax dollars is to cut back on military spending. Case in point:

We have 1000 active generals in our military, but I'm told we only need about 300. Each general gets a staff that costs over $1 million a year. Do the math. That's one billion just on staff for our generals. This doesn't count the private jets, the military bands, the gourmet chefs, or their fat salaries/pensions.

Oh, and the Pentagon also runs over 230 golf courses around the globe, some in some pretty exotic locales. We have no idea how much the golf courses cost but the Pentagon opened a ski lodge in the Bavarian Alps in 2004. That little baby cost $80 million bucks.

For more eye-popping eye-openers on the subject go read Salon.com's article "7 Absurd Ways the Military Wastes Taxpayer Dollars."

And on a different monetary note, Matt Taibbi spells out, in reaction to the HSBC verdict, how the drug war has officially become a joke.


covenenant houseEvery day in this country young adults are forced into the streets with no place to go and little to eat. Luckily for them there's places like Covenant House. It not only meets the immediate needs of homeless kids but also helps guide them to a self-sufficient future.

So if you have a few bucks left over after buying Aunt Thelma that new snood please consider making a small holiday donation to this worthy organization. Thanks!


Cousin Lefty's Saturnalian Shopping Tips

Looking for that special example of commercial excess to impress jaded kin on your Xmas list? Well, howzabout one of these?

the daddleThe Daddle

This is a saddle designed specifically for humans to give their offspring the perfect horsey-ride. It is also the perfect murder weapon if you happen to seek vengeance on someone who has young children. Because once a child gets a taste of this device they'll never allow their parent to stop playing horsey until their hearts go FOOM from just "one more ride".

Just one. More. Ride.




Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation12-12-12: The House passed the Eliminate Privacy Notice Confusion Act (H.R. 5817), failed to pass the Asthma Inhalers Relief Act of 2012 (H.R. 6190), passed the No-Hassle Flying Act of 2012 (S. 3542), passed the DART Act (S. 1998), passed the Frank Buckles World War I Memorial Act (H.R. 6364), passed a bill that "Designated the ranking of a certain named Member of a certain standing committee of the House of Representatives" (H. Res.830). No jobs were created.

12-13-12: THe speaker of the House appointed conferees to oversee the nit-picking of Senate-passed bills. No jobs were created.

For the full list of Republican sloth please visit republicanjobcreation.com.


Chart of the Day: Toy sales vs. Lego sales.

toy sales vs. lego sales.

end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Billy: My report today is where toys come from.

Billy: First, the Christmas Fairy delivers thousands of brand new elves to the North Pole. Then Santa selects all of the boys and grinds them into pet food. Next he extracts the teeth of the girl elves and then stuffs them into crowded cages where they're forced to magically poop out candy, toys, and iPODS every day of their dismal lives. After about two years their magical reserves are depleted so Santa sells their worn-out carcasses to Campbell’s for soup.

Teacher: Uh, Billy, I believe you're thinking of chickens.

Billy: Oh. So I am.

Billy: Then how about The Story of Vealy, the Deathly Anemic Christmas Calf?

Teacher: Subtle as a rubber crutch, billy.

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