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Now You See 'em...

Voters For President 1992-2012
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voters for president 1992-2012
I'd read that the voter turn-out for president this year dropped significantly, and since I knew that every Republican-led state legislature had been passing some form of voter suppression I decided to chart the last six elections for my own amusement.

See anything odd?

In '92 104 million people voted for president (Ross Perot garnered an additional 20 million votes.) In '96 the total vote dropped to ninety-four million as Perot only received eight million votes. There's our baseline.

In 2000, what I considered a hotly-contested election, the number of new voters rose by a respectable seven million.

But suddenly, in 2004, twenty million new voters came out of almost nowhere to give George "Miserable Failure" Bush the victory. For this to be possible you'd have to believe that every Baby Boomer didn't vote until they were forty-five and then two-thirds suddenly all voted Republican. This couldn't have anything to do with that first wave of computerized voting machines, could it?


President Obama's massive win in 2008 was clearly driven by a wave of new and enthusiastic minority voters but, factoring in population growth, it appears that as many as twelve million voters went missing in 2012. This was not a matter of voter apathy as both parties worked tirelessly to drive all the registered voters they could to the ballot box, yet still the numbers dropped off a cliff. Something went seriously, ominously wrong in 2012.

Nate Silver, where ARE you?

(In case you're curious here's a chart of U.S. population growth.)


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end rant

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'Scuze me..

(Older couple with bongs) while I kiss the sky
(gay couple getting married) while I kiss this guy.

Caption: Congratulations to Washington State for legalizing both marijuana and same-sex marriage.

Caption: Congratulations to you, too, Colorado, Maryland, and Maine!

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