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If I'm Myelin I'm Dyin'.

Claude BernardThe Science Hall of Fame was recently announced, a list of over 4000 men and women noted for their work in the sciences. Heading this vast list, respectively and in order of significance, is Bertrand Russell, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Lewis Carroll, known for his math skills (as Charles Dodgson) as well as his abilities as a writer.

Entering the gate at the Number Five slot was Claude Bernard (1813-1878), a French scientist of some eminence who, I'm embarrassed to admit, completely eluded my meager fine arts education. I'll bet many of you are similarly drawing blanks as well.

A little internet snooping revealed him to have been the father of the blind experiment and the discoverer of the principles behind homeostasis. He was also a real maniac for internal physiology, unveiling the functions of the pancreas, the liver and, yes, the vasomotor system. (There are two kinds of vasomotor nerves... vasodilators and vasoconstrictors. Fascinating stuff. Go check it out.)

For a little perspective... while Mr. Bernard was doing his best work we here in the colonies were killing each other by the millions over who picks the cotton.

So here's to you, Monsieur Bernard. I couldn't have written this cartoon without you.



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Today's Google Chow.

Scene: The Department of Vasomotor Vehicles

Clerk: "Here's your new custom license plate."

Nerve 1: "Suh-weet!"

Nerve 2: "Damn! Why didn't I think of that?"

Caption: (Hey, It was either the world’s first
vasomotor nerve gag or something about cats playing golf with zombies.)