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Raging Pencils Comic
The Battered Electorate Syndrome strikes again.

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greedy bastardsSome of you are probably scratching your heads wondering why I'd paint such an unflattering picture of the Democratic Party, President Obama in particular. After all, I commonly raise to deific heights any politician with a "D" after their name, right?

In this case the reason is deep, dark, pungent despair as recent polls indicate a plague of imbecility is sweeping the country.

The Greedy Bastards Party carefully cultivated this epidemic by spending eight years, from 2000-2008, raping and pillaging the U.S. Treasury, then giving the economy a good trashing on the way out the door, presumably their way of saying thanks. Now just two years after the last fair election in twelve years about 51% of the electorate seems to be leaning towards reinstating the Greedy Bastards Party.

If you happen to be one of these cretins and you don't know what the Stockholm Syndrome or the Battered Housewife Syndrome is, please consult Wikipedia now.

What's that? You say you're voting Republican because the unemployment rate is so high? Okay, (sound of knuckles cracking) here we go!

Do you know how you create jobs? You invest in small business. Bill Clinton understood this and made sure there was plenty of money for small businesses to go around. The result was record job growth.

Record. Job. Growth.

President James Carter supported small business similarly and created more jobs in his four years than the two Bushes combined over their twelve years.

So what is the Greedy Bastards Party official stand on small business? Fuck 'em. You see, only giant multi-national corporations are worth dealing with as you get the bigger kickbacks that way.

President Obama has tried to push for more small business loans from Day One but each time the Greedy Bastards have blocked the vote. This is not unusual as the Bastards have been filibustering at a record pace the past two years. "All in the name of fiscal responsibility" they say. This after George Bush almost doubled the national debt in eight years without a single peep from the R's.

Ponder for a moment, if you will, how much interest has to be paid on a ten trillion dollar debt and just who earns that interest. Clinton and Gore had the country on track to eliminate the debt by 2010 but King George managed to find a way to double the number of fiduciary glory holes that you and I and your grand-kids are left to service.

Funny how that worked out, huh?

Even worse, major banks are currently sitting on huge piles of money, almost a trillion of which was loaned to them by George Bush on his way out the door. Too risky to invest in some new crackpot idea, they say. Who cares if there's another Google or Starbucks waiting to flourish, it's the principle of the thing.

Incidental note: So much money is, in fact, tied-up in no-yield government notes that the gummint is thinking of charging the banks a fee for taking up valuable Treasury space. Good idea.

Now back to the rant, which is already in progress.

So the Greedy Bastards and the banks are working hand-in-hand to drive this economy even further into the doldrums. The goal, with the help of Fox News, is to convince unemployed idiots to vote for Republicans because Republicans made them, and keep them, unemployed.

God bless America.

Given the unbelievably crappy hand dealt him Mr. Obama is doing a great job. I would have preferred a public option, an immediate cessation to our Middle East incursions and public stonings of Bush and Cheney but, while I'm at it, I'd also like a pony, too.


end rant

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Caption: This comic brought to you by the Battered Electorate Syndrome Foundation.