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The Saudi Arabian Event Horizon

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Tempest In a Tea Bag

what would mr. roberts do?I crafted this cartoon a couple of hours after the news had broken that Pastor Jones had chickened out on the famous Qur'an barbecue. But the thrust of the joke was tangential enough to the actual even that I decided to use it anyway.

(Of course now he says he might do it anyway. But what difference does it make?)

The Afghani people have been bombed and strafed and murdered for eight long years. They're even endured a covert band of U.S. soldiers indiscriminately killing civilians and subsequently keeping body parts as trophies. In light of all this does anyone honestly think a small bonfire is going to make them hate America more?



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Today's Google Chow.

TV: In the final analysis you could say that Pastor Jones was using Saudi Arabian gasoline to burn Saudi Arabian Korans to protest Saudi Arabian mosques built near the site of Saudi Arabian terrorist attacks, all while being covered by a news company partly owned by a Saudi Arabian prince.

We'll be right back after this message from Shell Oil Company, a proud partner of Saudi Aramco.

Caption: The Saudi Arabian Event Horizon