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feeding the sheepThere's an old and well-known saying that goes "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

The Republican answer to this is "Well, just rewrite the past."

And so they do.

First let's start with the Texas School Board where Republican members in charge of revising textbooks are gleefully hacking up history texts to, for example, replace Thomas Jefferson with Ronald Reagan. "After all", I'm sure the School board thinks, "Mr. Jefferson did nothing to help line the pockets of honest oligarchs."

Then there's former Bush advisor Mark McKinnon who this past week penned a long, glowing, totally ridiculous article on the Daily Beast about how America misses George W. Bush.... except they don't. For a full-fledged beat-down of Mr. Mckinnon's every semi-salient point I invite you to watch Keith Olbermann's merciless Special Commentary on the subject.

And then there's Mississippi Republican Governor Haley Barbour who had the utter gall this week to proclaim, among other ridiculous notions, that the Deep South has been heavily Republican since the Civil Rights Act of 1965 because of all the great work Republicans have done for black people. That it was the Democrats who fought so hard for segregation. Oy vey.

These are several small examples of Republicans lying through their sharpened fangs in some vain hope that the less enlightened of the electorate will buy it. Time will tell.


Who is Regent University and why am I sullying their "good name" in the comics pages?

It's an institution of "higher learning", if you catch my drift, founded by televangelist Pat Robertson in order to provide "Christian leadership to change the world". Okay, fine, but Pat's the guy who blamed 9-11 and Katrina on homosexuals. Yeah, that's leadership at work.

The college's previous name was "CBN University" but that was a bit too obvious so Mr. Robertson changed it to Regent University in 1989. It is not highly regarded, being ranked a "tier four" and tied for last place among colleges at 136. It's also recently been suffering from financial problems and had to dip heavily into a trust fund previously set up by CBN in order to make payroll.

As you might expect, the University places great emphasis on religion over academics, which makes its graduates a strange fit for Washington. However, once Bush appointed one of its alumni, Kay Coles James, as head of personnel the flood-gates opened. James gleefully loaded the administration with these pious parasites seemingly as fast as she could, hiring over 150 Regent graduates, a higher per-graduate percentage than from any other college.

One of these hires was good old Monica Goodling, former aide to former Attorney General Alberto "Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me" Gonzalez, who resigned as a result of the firings of U.S. Attorneys.

Atta boy, Monica.

I don't know what happened to these lovely folks since the changeover to more sensible governance but I sure hope it involves fast food.


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Today's Google Chow.

Student: "Pardon me, but is this where we learn about history's greatest president, George W. Bush?"

Professor: "Heavens no. I'm afraid you want "Re-Writing history 101". This is "Introduction to Trivializing Science".

Caption: And so another year of academic excellence at Regent University begins anew.

(1) Earth = 5000 years old.
(2) Radiometric data sucks.
(3) No transitional forms of evolution.
(4) Big Bag violates 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.
(5) Mutations are always harmful.
(6) Darwin beat a puppy.