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Good old Charlie Jesus in 'Cross Training'.

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We Love You, Lisa!

lisa murkowskiAdmit it. Before 2008 you had no idea who the governor of Alaska was, did ya, Bunky? Now that you know you probably care even less.

So do you know who Alaska's senators are? One of them is Lisa Murkowski. Actually, one of them WAS Lisa Murkowski as she recently lost her Republican primary bid to a Tea Party nut-bag named Joe Miller. He wants to make unemployment illegal not to mention that old Neocon favorite of privatizing Medicare and Social Security.

The Democrat in the race is a nice guy, Scott McAdams, but Alaska is so conservatively entrenched that he had absolutely no chance against either opponent.

That is, until Ms. Murkowski, sick to death of the sleazy under-handedness of the Tea Party, decided to run as a write-in candidate. And she's got a lot of ammunition as she has a cool million bucks in her campaign kitty to spend on advertising over the next forty-some days. Her tenacity is going to split the Republican vote right down the middle this November.

What this means is that the Democrats have a very good chance of walking into an Alaskan senate seat, and all we have to do is support Lisa Murkowski. So drop by her website and give her a few bucks.

And tell her "Thanks!"


Erratum: I've been asked a couple of times why my Judas in this comic is black. It's a moot point but, sad to say, I'll admit to being heavily influenced by the 1973 film Jesus Christ Superstar, featuring the best Judas EVAH!

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the one, the only..... Carl Anderson.

And if you've never heard the original soundtrack, it's killer. And that recommendation comes from a lifelong atheist.


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Today's Google Chow.

Dognuts, featuring Good Ol' Charlie Jesus

Jesus: So I asked my mom what the virgin birth means, and she said...

Jesus: Judas! Wait up! One of my sandals came loose!

Judas: Dude! What kind of shoe has to be nailed on?

Jesus: I call 'em Cross-trainers.