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The Nazi time Machine.

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Where's The Love?

poke-naziIf Hitler hadn't started WWII our U.S. military forces would not have integrated when they did, and civil rights would have stagnated.

The Baby Boom would have never occurred. The flower-power Summer of Love would withered on the vine. Marijuana would not have risen from the obscure morass of federal taboo.

Rock-and-roll would have died in its infancy as it would not have millions of devotees hanging on John Lennon's every Christ-like word, spending their lunch money on vinyl-powered angst. Heavy metal, disco, rap and most other genre's of music we've come to know and love would be unknown.

No WWII would mean that the Cold War would have never occurred, or would have come much later. America and Russia would not have become rivals for world domination. We wouldn't have 30,000 nukes playing their MAD little games. We would've never gone to the moon.

Research into jet propulsion would have been slower, so international travel as we've come to know it might still be uncommon and expensive.

There would be no Goon Show, no Monty Python, no Ernie Kovacs, no French avante garde film schools, no atomic monster movies, no Fantastic Four, no Pokemon. No cars with fins.

Fifty million people, or so it's estimated, died in WWII. The iPod in your hand is a direct result of Hitler's war machine. That's perspective.


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Today's Google Chow.

Scientist: Good news! As ordered, our best scientists have accessed broadcasts from the future, the year 2010. By all accounts Europe is unified, Russia is no longer communist and the Jews are a powerful military force in Israel.
Hitler: And what of America?
Scientist: They now have their own Fascist Party now and, in fact, recently used some of our old propaganda techniques to start a war in the Middle East. Millions died. Mostly civilians.
Hitler: Was their commander-in-chief punished for this?
Scientist: No, he retired and is now living in anonymity in a suburb in Texas.
Hitler: Go on.
Scientist: Their current president is a negro. The Fascist party takes great sport in unfavorably comparing him to you.
Hitler: Mein gott! A schwatze? and what do you mean by “unfavorably”?
Scientist: Forgive me, fuhrer, but history judges this war to be a holocaust, incited by your, um, atheism. also...
Hitler: This is madness! my armies are invincible and gott mitt uns! It is your research that is obviously at fault!
Scientist: But, Mein Fuehrer, it's all here...
Hitler: You are wasting my time! Burn it!
Scientist: But, Feuh....
Hitler: Burn it all! Tomorrow my tanks roll into Russia and I will henceforth double the number of concentration camps. The future is mine, not yours! Now get out of my sight!
Scientist buddy :So, how'd it go?
Scientist: I thought he took it rather well.