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The best ice cream sandwich in the world.

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I Have The Power!

Thor? Thorium? Get it?Would you be in favor of nuclear power if the material used for creating energy wouldn't cause a melt-down? One that is cheap, plentiful and has a ridiculously short half-life?

It's thorium, and America has enough to supply all of our energy needs for the next 1,000 years. The main reason we don't have thorium reactors now is that the U.S. military put all of its research eggs into uranium/plutonium baskets. All the better to make great big old nasty bombs with, you see.

If you're interested in reading more about this fascinating subject Wired Magazine offers a useful, introductory story. I also heartily recommend an eye-opening youtube video on the subject.


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Perfesser Stanfill's Tip O' The Day!

Are you tired of politicians, war, natural disasters, man-made disasters, Justin Bieber, religion and your poor excuse of a paycheck?

Well, here's what I do when I need a break... I make my famous Cookie San'Wich!

(1) Buy or bake your favorite cookie
(2) Sandwich a pair of them around some premium ice cream.
(3) Eat immediately. Proceed to spaz out.

That's it! See ya Friday, kids!

Disclaimer: Always wash hands before and after eating Cookie San'Wich. Always eat Cookie San'Wich from thin side first. Do not expose cookie san'wich to direct sunlight. Cookie San'Wich should not be used as a floatation device. If Cookie San'Wich begins to vibrate or smoke please discontinue use. Use of firearms to eat Cookie San'Wich is not advised. If swallowed do not induce vomiting... unless you like that sort of thing. If Cookie San'Wich makes contact with eyes then you're doing it wrong. If offered Cookie San'Wich as communion simply back away slowly and contact an adult. Do not eat Cookie San'Wich near downed power lines. Never use Cookie San'Wich to tease a rabid wolverine. Long-term enjoyment of Cookie San'Wich may lead to profuse sweating, vertigo and heart palpitations but, you know, it's so totally worth it.