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The Great RaceT
his past weekend Beloved Girlfriend and I scanned the local cinema listings for something new and possibly entertaining. It was a rather dreary lot to choose from and, deciding that we wanted something written above the 6th grade level, we chose to stay home and stream a 45-year-old movie... and had a great time in the process, too.

It was "The Great Race", that furiously-paced, globe-hopping, 1965 slapstick comedy starring Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, and Jack Lemmon. The story was loosely based on a real New York-to-Paris race that occurred way back in 1908 and was directed by the fabulous Blake Edwards .

I was astonished at the amount of honest entertainment this movie still provides, in its own goofy way. Though really just a 160-minute car chase it purposely showcased the kitchen sink of movie memes... fabulous vehicles, arch villains, dashing heroes, scantily-clad suffragettes, clever banter, toe-tapping-tunes, sword fights, gun fights, pie fights, secret weapons, castles, polar bears, cowboys, indians, tongues planted hip-deep in cheeks... hell, even the music is funny, written by the legendary Henry "Pink Panther" Mancini. Lyrics for two of the songs were penned by the equally stellar Johnny Mercer. And the cherry on top is the Oscar it won for Best Sound Effects.

If you've never seen it, it's definitely worth viewing if only to see Jack Lemmon chew all the scenery down to its atomic nubbins, not to mention watching Mr. Curtis' eyes literally flash whenever he smiles.

And bring along a calculator. You'll need it to count Ms. Woods copious costume changes. ;^)

PS, the other Lemmon/Curtis film that is not to be missed is "Some Like It Hot", also starring a little-known actress named Marilyn Monroe.


Some of you may have noticed that I altered the caption of this comic. That's because too many Tea Party dweebs thought I was actually criticizing affirmative action and started Following me on Twitter.

Those guys are really  fucking stupid.


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Today's Google Chow.

Hospital administrator to surgeon: "What do you MEAN you lost another patient in brain surgery? Speak up, man! I can't understand you with your mouth full!"

Caption: Unfortunately for Director Harrison and his internet-special bifocals the application for employment did not read "Zambesi" after all.