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A Clarification

Brisenia Flores and her father RaulH
i. I'm Brisenia Flores. I'm nine. This is a picture of me and my dad.

I'm here to let you know that my father and I were not shot and killed in our home last year by Minutemen because Glenn Beck recently said that those people would never, ever do such an awful thing. So if anyone claims that I unsuccessfully begged for my life to members of the Minutemen, in front of my wounded mother, then they must be confused.

This also must mean that the Mexican men and women being shot and killed along the U.S. border by people wearing camouflage outfits using long-range rifles are not Minutemen, either. It must be someone else.

I know that I was just a little girl and that I didn't know very much about this world but I know that Mr. Beck would never lie about people who would kill others just because they were poor or of a different race. That would be a terrible, terrible thing to lie about.

Wouldn't it?


(Note: In order to avoid a flood of angry, misspelled, ungrammatical, vaguely threatening and disturbingly slobbery emails the following Rantette will employ euphemisms, acronyms and verbal sleights-of-hand when referring to one of the two viable political parties in this country.)

hile I'm on the subject of immigration...

There is one particular political party in this country that is screaming loudest for immigration reform, but it's all just so much political puffery. The Whatchamacallit party had eight uncontested years early in this millennium to solve the problem but it somehow never made it to the top of their "to-do" list. I'm guessing there was too much brush to clear.

However, Democrats have developed a workable immigration plan, the same plan that those other dedicated congressman [wink-wink] used to consider feasible, but that assortment of whores, toadies, quislings and closeted homosexuals refused to vote for it. Then, having single-trunkedly caused this legislation to fail, they blamed the failure to pass the legislation on... the Democrats.

Let's be blunt... Republicans [Oops! I spilled the beans! Sorry.] and their corporate masters love illegal immigrants because they can economically extort the poor bastards for cheap labor for as long as they remain in this country, and Cthulhu help them if they complain about it. Meanwhile this process takes jobs away from legal Americans and drives down average wages for everyone.

So that adds up to "win-win" for Big Business and "go suck an egg" for you and me.

Just thought you should know.


end rant

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