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Raging Pencils Comic
Just another Thursday at British Petroleum Memorial Hospital.

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How To Stop The Gulf Leak

urrently there are two relief wells being drilled near the original Gulf leak, both designed to alleviate the pressure from the existing hole and prevent it from exuding quite so much crude oil. However, that's going to take months to accomplish.

In the meantime, what BP also ought to be doing is plugging the original hole permanently, not simply screwing around in come ludicrous attempt to save it for later use.

(In case you haven't noticed, what they're actually doing is simply busy work, wasting time until the relief wells are complete... and fuck the Gulf.)

So here's my simple solution.... float some container ships filled with crushed rock out to the spill area and then carefully off-load it one mammoth scoop at a time directly onto the top of the spewing well-head. Let's also throw in a heapin' helpin' of quick-drying cement for good measure. Using several scoop-equipped ships at a time would accelerate the process as they could in turn lower their payload, shift into position, unload, then step aside for the next ship.

Yes, there's a lot of fluid pressure coming out of that hole in the ground but it wouldn't take too many tons of scree to halt it to a dribble. Once the relief holes are finally drilled they should alleviate any remainder of leakage.

This technique would be cheap and relatively inexpensive. So somebody tell me why it wouldn't work?

I'm waiting.


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Doctor Vito: "Well, we got as far as removing your grandfather's liver before Doctor Stumble-nuts here stepped on it, but we should have a new one by, ohh, Christmas. In the meantime, gramps is bleeding all over the place. You folks really need to look into that."

Caption: Just another Thursday at British Petroleum Memorial Hospital.