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Which talking head hates the jews the most?

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I Love... Little Baby Ducks

his ridiculous over-reaction against anyone who dares speak an unkind word against Israel is getting tiresome. The country is not perfect. In fact, its government has shown a sickening predilection towards indiscriminately murdering anyone who isn't jewish, especially if they happen to live in a part of the world that rhymes with "plaza".

So just to set the record straight I'd like everyone to know I don't like Jews. I also don't like Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Shintoists, Voodooists or anyone else who relies on mythical beings as a basis for social and governmental functions. Doubly so for countries who believe their god is so superior to other deities that they can conveniently use him/she/them/it as an excuse to destroy the unbelievers down at the What-a-Burger. That potentially means me, which is kinda unsettling.

Do I want to see Jews or Catholics or any other of these childish religions wiped off the face of the Earth? No. They make life entertaining in the same harmless, though generally uncomfortable way that mimes do, except for the part about, you know, killing heretics and all.

So ya'll stop it! Right now! I mean it!

Finally, you know what else bothers me? People who send me email telling me I'm an anti-semite for pointing out the bloody obvious. (I can almost hear you hyperventilating out there. It makes me smile.)


I'm betting that most of you heard the sound bytes of Helen Thomas saying the Jews should get out of Palestine and said to yourself "Anti-semite".

But it's not that simple. Ms. Thomas has spent an entire lifetime free from such racist taint so there has to be something else to this story.

Turns out, there is.

If you're curious, and I hope you are, here's the real back-story on her now infamous quotes.


end rant

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Today's Kwik Kwestion!
Guess who got fired for the following statements?

Ron Paul: "Gaza is a concentration camp. Israel, you're on your own.
Glenn Beck holdin a copy of The Red Network": This book is anti-semitic... and I'm getting a ton of these!
Pat Buchanan: "There are too many Jews on the Supreme Court."
Helen Thomas: "The Jews should get out of Palestine."
Answer: No one got fired, but Ms. Thomas at least had the decency to resign.