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Raging Pencils
Abbott and Costello discuss the boycotting of Israel.

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was astonished to learn that Americans can indeed end up in the Crossbar Hotel for the minor expediency of purposely refusing to sell their products to Israel. In fact, a person can face up to a 20-year sentence and a million dollar fine... per violation. If you think I'm making this up just for the lols here's a link to the antiboycott laws.

Israel seems to be the only country that warrants such legal protection by the U.S. government. America seems to be as pro-Israel as any country on the planet, though I'm not sure why as their current actions towards the Palestinians are little different from how the Germans treated the Jews in Poland. The only thing missing are the ovens but, on the other hand, the Germans didn't have nukes.


If you've been paying close attention to the Gulf disaster it's hard to miss the fact that BP has made almost every mistake possible to cause the calamity and then proceeded to work almost exactly bass-ackward in their efforts to rectify the problem. To make matters more mysterious Goldman-Sachs made about $200 million short-selling BP stock right before the catastrophe. (Does this remind anyone of the short-selling of American Airlines stock just before 9-11? God I hope so.)

And now comes word that the leak may not be quelled until December, which just happens to be right after the mid-term elections.

The American people are clearly unhappy with the President's efforts thus far in the repair and clean-up in the Gulf but, folks, it's BP's fault. End of story. However, that piece of news won't stop the Fox Racism Machine from grinding out a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week failure report with Mr. Obama's name at the top of the list in a clearly disingenuous effort to kick a few dozen Democratic heinies out of Congress.

Am I suggesting this was a man-made disaster, a corporate decision, designed solely for political gain? Well, yes, especially since the first words to come out of the Right-Wing Noise Machine's mouth immediately after the platform sunk to the bottom of the Gulf was that environmentalists were responsible. In poker, kids, we call that a "tell", and this one's a doozy.

I honestly don't think those responsible planned on the platform blowing sky-high and taking 11 innocent men to their watery graves but this kind of thing happens, business is business, and you have to spend money to make money. Besides, it was clear that the five corporatist's on the Supreme Court can't do everything themselves.


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Abbott: "Hey, Costello. Did you know that Americans can face imprisonment for boycotting Israel?"

Costello: "Yeah, I once did six months for not selling them bacon."