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Rally For Sanity: Dallas

For more reasons than I care to relate Beloved Girlfriend and I weren't able to make the trip all the way to Washington for the Rally for Sanity, nor could we even make it to our state capitol, Austin, for the remote shindig there. We did , however, manage to join several hundred Dallas progressives at a quaint little joint called Lee Harveys just south of downtown. The day was beautiful, the crowd was fired up and the beer was expensive. We had a great time!

I had planned to share a slew of boring photos of the event but my camera succumbed to a case of digital alzheimers just about the time we arived. So let me share with you a picture of yours truly, looking wretchedly sleep-deprived, with the absurdist sign I slapped together at the last minute and proceeded to flap in the faces of strangers all day:

mike stanfill

Beloved Girlfriend's sign read "Repeal the Bush Syntax Cuts!". It drew much admiration... either that or her boobs, I'm never sure.

Anyhoo, tomorrow's the Big Day! Be sure and grab five friends and somehow finagle them down to the voting booth. Your democracy will thank you for it.


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Before you vote, Remember!

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Today's Google Chow.

Last night three very peculiar trick-or-treaters showed up at my doorstep.

“What are you supposed to be?”, I asked the tall blue one.

"I represent the size of the Jon Stewart Rally For Sanity."

I gave him lots of candy because I liked him.

The middle-sized red one blurted out that
his costume

"Represented the size of the Glen Beck rally."

I gave him lots of candy because I pitied him.

"Well, then” I said to the tiny blue one, "What does that make you?"

"I represent the Rally for Sanity according to Fox News. I was gonna come as Glenn Beck's advertisers but I couldn't figure out how to look invisible."

I gave him the rest of the candy, turned the lights out and went to bed. I swear these costumes get better every year.