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Raging Pencils by Mike "Finis" Stanfill

The death of Rush Limbaugh.

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This'll Slay Ya!

Cheney kills Recent testimony about torture has revealed something interesting.... it didn't work.

Over the many years the Bush administration was ordering torture no actionable evidence was obtained.

None. Not one piece of evidence as a result of waterboarding resulted in the capture or death of any terrorist connected with 9-11.

So why were we torturing these people?

I have a theory.

Since the death of Saddam Hussein, on whose shoulders George Bush's people pinned all manner of sins, America has been largely without an adversary capable of keeping the military-industrial-complex in the black.

Those who traffic in blood floated Syria, Libya and Iran as the next big boogeyman after the fall of Iraq but the American public weren't buying.

Since the U.S. military was more or less trapped in Iraq guarding the oil anyway why not, thought Cheney and his pals, incite a fatwah or two in Iraq by randomly killing and torturing its people. Over a million casualities at last estimation.

A few candid torture photos later and the no-bid champage is flowing like water at Boeing, Haliburton and the places that make duct tape.

Yes, I think our previous administration manufactured an insurgency by systematically killing and torturing the Iraqi people, just as they invented reasons to invade the country, handily destroy its military and then somehow manage to stick around for seen more years. Nothing else really makes sense.

As for you boobs out there shaking your head and saying to yourself "Well, what about 9-11?", I can't help you. Might I suggest reading something besides the Watchtower?


One last thing: I didn't set out to do a triptych of the life of Rush Limbaugh but it just felt so damned GOOD to insult him for an entire week. I'm sure you understand.


end rant

Bonus Animation.
The music in this haunting tune are all sounds sampled from
Disney's Alice In Wonderland.

Extra Deluxe Torturous Bonus Fabulousness

craigslist torture
I hear that's where Bush found Jay Bybee.

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Today's Google Chow.
Rush Limbaugh's grave.
Caption: Those wishing to piss on his grave were challenged by others wishing to dance upon it first. The ensuing donnybrook ended with the sort of vicious incapacitation which would have ordinarily made the old man grin with smug satisfaction if, as it so happened, his corpse had not already been stolen days earlier. In fact it was, at that moment, being spirited across the Mexican border aboard a biodiesel-fueled VW in the company of a band of curiously giddy black lesbian atheists, Michael J. Fox and one really pissed-off polar bear.