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Raging Pencils by Mike "Rising Gorge" Stanfill

Rush Limbaugh, the early years.

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Double Vision

oxycontin This makes two Rush Limbaugh comics in a row, so you might guess old Fudgie the Whale has my attention lately. His latest intimation is that the Obama plan is to drive America to its economic knees, put everyone on welfare, and then redistribute the wealth to his black brethren in the form of reparations

Good old Rush. He never met a racist meme her couldn't mine for a pound of flesh. Certainly not his, either. It's amusing how upset he's been about a black man in the White House but he has a zillion listeners with about 17 ounces of common sense between them. He's inciting the kind of intolerance usually associated with white hoods and burning crosses.

Incidentally, for those vague on that "impotent" remark, look no further than the CBS story on Porky Pig's Viagra-fueled sexy-cation down to the Dominican Republic back in 2006.

The hefty hypocrite cannot abide immigrants coming here, but he's certainly happy enough pumping his veins full of Pfizer's finest and then indulging in dusky, south-of-the-border nooky.

Will there be a third Fat Albert cartoon? Time will tell.


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Bonus Animation.
This animation, the Rush Limbaugh Nazi Rap, seems to have
disappeared from the net. So I'm doubly pleased to present it again.

Extra Deluxe Editorial Bonus Fabulousness

conservative fire sale
But you already knew this.

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Today's Google Chow.
Rush Limbaugh in Hell.
Rush: "Okay, as long as I'm rich and famous I can handle being deaf, bald, obese and impotent. But do I have to be in charge of morons for the rest of my life?"
Satan: "It's Clear Channel, Mr. Limbaugh. Like you have a choice."