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Raging Pencils by Mike "Mayday!" Stanfill

Stupid Cupid.

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How Degrading

I've long suspected that images on the internet were degrading... and I don't mean pictures of Sarah Palin blotting moose-blood stains out of her silk Neiman Marcus knickers with the Constitution.

What I mean is that graphics or photos that have been on the 'net for a long period of time start to lose bits of information, and I discovered proof of that last night when I went to change the background color under the home page logo on my web site. This logo has been online for about 8 years and here's what I saw

cruddy one

See that faint white line? It's not supposed to be there. The green area under the line is the new background color which contrasted harshly with the line. On my local drive there was no white line so when I re-uploaded the logo this was the result:

cruddy two

See? No white line. I'm guessing that the continual backing-up of files on the server is the culprit so there's not much to do about it except re-upload my images on a regular basis.

BTW, my first web site was on AOL and, thanks to, I can still find remnants of it from time-to-time and BOY are the images getting cruddy.

Trust me, you don't want to know.


end rant

Bonus Bizarreness
Remind me to avoid plucky 1930s dames.

Extra Deluxe Hypocritical Bonus Fabulousness

 george bush sucks
Yeah. What he said.

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Today's Google Chow.
US Airways inspector: "I don't care if it was playing the accordion. As far as you, me and the FAA is concerned, if it has wings then it's a 'bird strike'. Capiche?"