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Can You Hear the Loons?

"Never draw anything you can copy, never copy anything you can trace, never trace anything you can cut out and paste up." - Wally Wood

trufflesI must have been a very good boy this year as I got hand-made truffles as a Valentine's Day gift. (Thank you, Pookums!) I hardly even knew what a truffle was until Saturday.

In return I'd made up a batch of heart-shaped, chocolate-studded, meringue cookies in shades of pink and white. These things melt in your mouth and are ridiculously easy to make. I heartily recommend this recipe for any guy (or gal) looking for some cred in the kitchen and the resultant boudoir brownie points.


neal stephensonI'm currently reading part three of Neal Stephenson's "The Baroque Cycle". Dense. Funny. Historical. Hysterical. I am savoring every. Single. Freaking. Word.

Next up: Anathem.


I recently read that the average American my age watches 19-21 hours of TV per week.

I watched exactly one hour of TV last week. It was Josh Whedon's Dollhouse. I was hoping for another Firefly or Dr. Horrible but the early reviews were mixed, to be kind. I found it to be a total, pandering hunk of third-class shiite. Evidently Josh had a big boat payment due.


janeane garofaloThe internet isn't really TV, so watching uncensored re-runs of The Larry Sanders Show on doesn't count against my national average. Right?

Not having cable (since 1988... really!) I only caught the bowdlerized versions which ran late at night on the local UHF channels. The real, unadultered thing is pure brilliance and Rip Torn deserves a lot of the credit. (And those rumors about my unrequited fetish of Janeane Garofalo's earlobes are completely unsubstantiated. True, but unsubstantiated.)


randi rhodesSpeaking of fabulous, intelligent babes, I'm a big Randi Rhodes fan but it looks like the conservative powers-that-be are conspiring again to keep her off the air, again. The same scumbags that ruined the original incarnation of Air America got their paws on Nova M and without further adieu gutted it like a trout.

And if you think I'm paranoid you should know that Washington D.C. has exactly zero liberal radio shows versus fifteen conservative programs. This is NOT a conservative country, as evidenced by the most recent elections, it's only only owned by them.

It's time for the current administration to dismantle the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the one that led to Clear Channel's complete domination of the airwaves. The public is never going to understand what's really going on until the right-wing propaganda machine is destroyed and the airwaves returned to local communities.


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Bonus Disgustingness
The tyro and the pig. A classic confrontation.

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Jurassic Porn
Well! It's about time the pizza delivery guy showed up. Now we'll get to see some real hot... hey! What the heck? Ya gotta be kidding me!! That's a freakin' herbivore! This is sick! Sick!"
Wife: "Mmm."