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The progressive comic about the 14th amendment

end rant

Burning [Orange] Man

It's possible, due to recent financial setbacks, that the Fanta Fuhrer might have to relinquish ownership of his golf course, the one with the underground storage facility currently occupied by either his ex-wife or a half-ton of classified documents. What happens to that little chunk of land then?


The Supreme Court argued the Colorado case today, deciding whether or not a state can really and truly kick a candidate off the ballot for reasons spelled out in the 14th Amendment. The objections I heard from the bench were along the lines of "Well, if a Democratic state denies a Republican a spot on the ballot that will just start a tit-for-tat battle among Republican states as they will arbitrarily deny a Democratic candidate a spot on the ballot."


The central question, my dear Judges, is why do we even HAVE a 14th Amendment if not for people like Trump? Because it was designed for people like Trump.  It's the whole basis of Colorado's actions. Open your goddamn eyes!

Fingers crossed that the Judges see that particular light and side with Colorado instead of waiting for their next Harlen Crow gift bag.


Dear Supreme Court:

If it was suddenly revealed that Trump's parents were actually Austrians and he was born in Kenya he would automatically be excluded from running for President again because of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. And the Congress or the SC would have no say in the matter because the 14th is self-actuating.

On 6th of January, 2021, Trump was revealed to be an insurrectionist and was obviously giving aid and comfort to the enemy, meaning he should be automatically excluded from any government position for the same 14th Amendment reasons. Forever.

Do you get it now, Judges? Inform the American public that Trump needs to go pound sand, then go back to your complimentary RVs and allow the legal process to put Trump behind bars where he belongs.


- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for February 9, 2024

Trump admits there was an insurrection on January 6th.

Republicans admittedly screwed up the border deal.

Former Trump aide, Peter Navarro, ordered to report to prison.

House Republicans are Putin's puppets.

Biden's economic record much better than Trump's.

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The progressive comic about the 14th amendment

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