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The progressive editorial cartoon about religious intolerance.

end rant

Art for Fart's Sake

No one asked but here's how I create my cartoons:

After I compose the main action in a spiral notebook I whip out an 8.5"X11" piece of Bristol paper and lightly sketch the cartoon in pencil. In the old days I would have used a blue pencil but scanners can be set to ignore all but the darkest of pencil lines.

I will then ink the sketch with a standard Ultra Fine Point Sharpie. This is a not a professional tool but I feel the awkward line quality
suits the style of my 'toons. Plus it's waterproof so my accursed left-hand doesn't smear the ink everywhere.

I then scan the art at 600dpi in Black and White mode and import it into Photoshop. After a quick Save I begin recomposing any awkward areas. Once satisfied I'll then Paste and position the type in place along with their associated word balloons.

At this point I will Zoom way in and perform a final clean-up of the art, whiting out any little black blobs the Sharpie is famously prone to and redrawing or repositioning any of the line art. This can take a few minutes or over an hour depending on how sloppy the original art was. Once done with this editing I set the art layer to Multiply, which means the white areas of the art are now transparent allowing the colors in lower layers to be seen underneath the now opaque black lines.

Each character or object in the art now gets its own labeled folder and each piece of each character is given it own named layer, like "skin", or "hair", or "nuclear dildo". I will then use the Magic Wand to Select an area in the Art layer and then apply color to the proper layer in the proper folder. Once all the base colors are in place I will come back and add final rendering, like shading and/or textures. After that it's just a matter of saving a copy at 72dpi and slapping it all over the inter-tubes.

The above (mostly) describes how I also create my professional assignments, minus the Sharpie.

You'll notice that I don't use a digital drawing tool, like a Wacom table, because they just don't feel comfortable to my hand. And since I'm seventeen years into the 'toon, and 40+ years as a creative, I doubt I'll change anytime soon.

If you found any of this interesting then stick around. I may someday regale you with tales of how I lost my virginity to a Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent hand-puppet or how I once ate an entire VW Volkswagen Beetle on a dare.


end rant

Lefty News for September 6th, 2023

Mexico's Supreme court legalizes abortion nationwide.

Republicans plan to install 50,000+ MAGATs in federal positions if Trump wins steals the election.

Judge rules that all defendants in the Georgia election interference case will hang together.

Trump continues to put his head in the noose.

Trump paid for new poll showing him neck-and-neck with President Joe Biden.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
then enjoy the fuzzy love of The Poozycat Project :

the infinite cat project

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All wound up.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Evangelist with bible: We have to be tolerant of each other's religious beliefs.
Lefty: But what if my religious belief is that there should be no religious beliefs?
Head explodes.
Chistian: Sorry. I'm not programmed for objectivity.
You'd never guess.

The progressive editorial cartoon about religious tolerance.

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