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The progressive editorial cartoon about republican propaganda.

Today's Show Is Brought To You By the Letter "R", Which Stands For 'retcon'!

The GOP has always had a predilection for putting words in the mouths of those who can't speak or think for themselves... god, babies, guns, their voters. It bugs me.


In 2012 Barack Obama was competing against vulture capitalist Mittens Romney for the White House when Hurricane Sandy struck the upper East Coast in late October. New Jersey was particularly affected by the storm but President Obama’s reaction was so swift and effective that even one of his harshest Republican critics, former Governor of NJ, Chris Christie, had to give him effusive praise.

Mittens was, as you might expect since this occurred a week before the election, miffed.

So now Hurricane Idalia has leveled upper Florida, known as the “prostate zone” (think about it) and President Joe is on it. So you have to wonder when Governor Ron DeSatanis will eventually eat shit and admit to the country that, yeah, maybe our current President can do more than just toss rolls of paper towels around.

But probably not. Ron will likely don his Big White Cheerleader Boots and stomp around looking for photo ops (“Heck of a job, Brownie!”) taking credit for whatever’s left in FEMA’s bank account, an account House Republicans are presently letting run dry ‘cause it’s FUN to make President Joe Biden look bad using any means necessary, ignoring all attempts to mitigate climate change even as Florida sinks slowly into the sous vide that is the Atlantic Ocean and parboils like an egg.


I wonder if all the gamblers and workers in office pools who wagered on Trump's height and weight will get their money back. I know for damn sure the fools who gave money to the Trump legal fund/campaign definitely won't.


Happy Labor Day, everyone! Brought to you by socialist ideals!


end rant

Lefty News for September 1st, 2023

Trump's lawyer redefines the term "Freudian slip" on live TV.

Jared Kushner, meet Hunter Biden.

Trump's election interference trial to be live-streamed on Youtube.

Pennsylvania ends state funding of anti-abortion counseling centers! Yay!

Not that I care, you know, I'm just mentioning this for a friend, but a Texas judge just ruled Texas' new anti-porn law violates free speech.

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Republican Puppet Theatre
Today's 'toon: "Today's show is brought to you by the letter 'r', which stands for for 'retcon'!"
Hi, I'm Ollie, the fertilized ovum! And that's Jesus!
And we're here to speak for those that have no voice.
That's right! Every potential fetus like me is predetermined by god. Rape and incest and congenital deformities are only woke communist fantasies.
And while everyone knows that the Bible is a great guide for life it never hurts to have a fat bankroll and an AR-15 handy. Ammarite?
And now a word from our sponsor, the republican national committee.
Hey, kids! Have you ever thought about owning your very own Supreme Court Justice?

The progressive editorial cartoon about the GOP propaganda.

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