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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

Brute Farce

We should elect men for Congress only if they have a large penis. I know this sounds juvenile but this will ensure that they won't overcompensate for having a teeny-weeny by basically being a bastard.


Good news, everyone! Mike Lindell is auctioning off assets from his pillow manufacturing empire. He is claiming "cancel culture" but it's really because no one wants expensive crap sold by a toxic traitor to this country.

Trump's "golden touch" has claimed another victim.


President Joe Biden: "Ukraine cannot join NATO until their war with Russia is over."

Ukraine: "Wait! No! That means Russia will NEVER end this war!"

Joe: "But if Ukraine says 'Okay, war's over" then they can be admited to NATO and Russia will have to fight ALL of NATO. Instantly."

Ukraine: "Oh…. OH! …… OHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!"


A personal message to all you rust-belt guys:

If you thought Trump was going to rebuild your part of the American economy you wasted four years of your life.

Biden is doing it, though. Time to get on board, folks.


Department of Oops!: I left out a word in this 'toon ("can") and no one seemed to notice for almost 24 hours. Musta been one of them optical illusion things or you, my dear readers, either mistook it for prose poetry or took pity on my poor old braim. Regardless, I need to start buying a better grade of meth.


end rant

Lefty News for July 12th, 2023

Iowa, jealous of other Red States clamping down on abortion, proves that it hates women, too.

Democrats tax bill would extend Social Security more than 75 years.

GOP Senator Tommy Tuberville is damaging our military readiness because the military has a sensible policy on abortion.

Inflation falls for 12th consecutive week. Yay!

GOP "whistleblower" is actually an agent of China and an illegal arms broker. Bwahhh-hahahahahahaha!

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GOP redefinition.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Woman: Why can't you pass laws that help the middle-class so we afford to have more children?
GOP elephant: Because it's easier, and more fun, to force you to HAVE babies!

The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

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