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The progressive editorial cartoon about the cancer that is the NRA.

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The Cordryceps Candidate

They walk among us: Ordinary Conservatives hijacked by a parasitic foundation that controls their every move.

The Smithanwessonous Unilateralis foundation has just one goal: self-propagation and dispersal. Researchers think the foundation, found in vast mansions, infects a foraging candidate through dark money which entraps him, eliminates his scruples, and quickly takes over his mind.

As the infection advances, the enthralled candidate is compelled to abandon his morals for a more amenable echo chamber that’s favorable to the foundation's growth. The candidate then descends to a level of heartless indifference, sets his jaws into a meaningless litany of "thoughts and prayers", and waits for gun victims to die.

(The above is from a description I found online about how the cordyceps fungus attacks and destroys insects and then simply changed a few, okay, many words. See if you can guess which one's they were.)


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Lefty News for May 9, 2023

Texas goobernator Greg "Wheelchair Willie" Abbott accused of hiding details about Texas mall shooting.

Kellyanne Conway caught sending checks to Clarence Thomas' seditionist wife.

Texas legislator Bryan "Groomer" Slaton resigns after macking on a teen staffer.

High crime in Republican-led cities fueled by guns and inequality.

Due to unceasing gun violence foreign countries are issuing travel advisories to the U.S.

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Scientist and x-ray of repblican head filled with NRA donations bag.

The progressive editorial cartoon about the NRA cancer.

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