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The progressive editorial cartoon about Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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From the Mouths of Boobs

(Before I begin let me just state that god is just a concept, a fairy tale, a Bronze-age Spider-man, but for those who believe in that stuff I'll play along.)

God doesn't make mistakes?

Does MTG remember that God drowned an entire world, killing millions of people? That's using the biggest pink pearl eraser ever. That's some planetary white-out shit. That's back-spacing on a cosmic level.

God doesn't make mistakes?

Tell that to the fetus that formed without a brain. Tell that to the woman who was born without a womb. Tell that to the male who was born with a female brain.

God doesn't make mistakes?

Donald Fucking Trump.


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Lefty News for March 17, 2023

The International Criminal Court has isssued a warrant from Putin's arrest.

Former Guantanimo prisoner: Ron "Pudding Fingers" DeSantis watched me being tortured.

Arizona Governor vetos bill that would have banned critical race theory.

Another Trump phone call, trying to change the vote in Georgia, revealed.

Dozens of Mar-a-Lago staff subpeonaed in classified documents probe.

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Why, Lord, why? Why? Why? Why?


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently said, when it comes to the sexes… that "God does not make mistakes!"
We here at Raging Pencils had doubts about this so we set up a mic to get God’s opinion, and here's what he had to say.
Greene? That crazy bitch? Yeah, we ran short of compassion and empathy the day she was cranked out, but it was a Friday, you know? shit happens.
And there you have it. Because we can pretend god says stuff, too.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Marjorie Shut your fucking pie hole Taylor Greene.

face-hugger comic idiot gop voters comic