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The progressive editorial cartoon about idiotic Republican voters.

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Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I'm not an economist, I'm an artist, but even I can see that raising interest rates doesn't do anything but increase the cost of anything that requires a bank's help to purchase. And that's a LOT of things.

How about, instead, a windfall profits tax? Now! And how about an end to companies buying back their own stock with excess profits? While we're at it, let's also stop the practice of millionaire/billionaire CEO's being paid with company stock instead of easily taxable salaries.

There's a story by the late, lamented comedian, Bill Hicks, about being on a plane arguing with a businessman over capitalism. Hicks was on the socialist side of the equation and the businessman, exasperated by Bill's philosophy, asked if there was anything wrong with money. Hicks said that if you want to make money then sell illegal drugs. "Lots of profit in that, right?"

And so, here were are, where corporations ARE making mountains of cash on the manufacture and sale of drugs, even some (thalidomide) that should be in the public domain. And others, like insulin that cost $5 to make but are sold for $1000 a month. And then there's asthma inhalers, which are dirt cheap across the Mexican border but $35 or more here in the U.S.

Bill was a bit ahead of his time.

High interest rates may slow the rise of real estate but it's not going to lower the price of a can of beans or a chicken wing until we hold out-of-control corporate greed accountable via every means available.


And, finally, do you know how to tell if a milk cow is from Mexico?

It has moo-hair.


end rant

Lefty News for March 15, 2023

Heroic Democratic Senator is in third week of filibuster to prevent passing of anti-trans bill.

Republican lawmaker says hungry people don't exist because he never met one.

Republicans propose bill that would subject women who've had abortions to the death penalty.

Gutless wimp Trump blames Mike Pence for January 6th.

Oklahoma Republicans vote to allow teachers to hit disabled children.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about stupid Republican voters.

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