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The progressive editorial cartoon about useless House Republicans.

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Go Away From the Light

House Republicans forced a, useless, non-binding vote yesterday to denounce the horrors of socialism.

GOP: "Ah rise to vote against socialism*.

*Except the parts that concern paying for the military, the country's infrastructure, public safety, Social Security (because I'm not stupid), Medicare (ditto) and, most importantly, my government-paid salary, health insurance, pension and PPP loan."

It was a stupid stunt so that the GOP can use it as ammunition in 2024 when they tell their stupid voters that Democrats support "SOCIALISM!", whether Democrats voted for or against the stupid resolution.



Guess which anti-semitic remark caused the loss of a House committee spot:

Marjorie Taylor Greene: "Jewish space lasers caused California wildfires."

Ilhan Omar: "It's all about the Benjamins*."

*Not an anti semitic remark. It refers to hundred-dollar bills, not Netanyahu.

Answer: You know the answer.


I hope you all appreciate the fact that I didn't do a Groundhog Day cartoon. There's PLENTY of that already.


I've been living in the same house for many, many years and in none of that time did I ever worry that I might some wintery day freeze to death because the power went out.... until two years ago.

Now every time there's the least danger of a gentle frost I start chopping wood, accumulating propane (and propane accessories), and herding large farm animals into my bedroom, for the benefit of their body heat, all as a result of the preposterous way this state (Texas, for those who don't know) decided at some point in the past that its electric energy was too precious to share on the national power grid.

Northeast Texas just endured another of our famous, economically debilitating ice storms and, no, the power didn't go out on me this time so I stayed snug and warm, but it's just the beginning of Black History Month so there's still a good chance for an episode of dollar-store cryogenics.

Now if you'll excuse me it's time for bed and I need to go tuck the sheep in. (I'd add they count people to go to sleep faster but that would be a b-a-a-a-a-a-d joke.)


end rant

News & Notes for February 3, 2023

House Republicans vote to remove Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee (because she's not White, Republican, or male).

U.S. reunites almost 700 children separated from their parents due to Trump's border games.

Audio of Trump campaign leaks revealing plans to claim election was stolen.

The IRS over-audits U.S. Blacks.

U.S. adds over 500,000 new jobs.

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Mr. Speaker! I rise to support the proposal that all IRS agents wear funny hats, just to own the libs.

The progressive editorial cartoon about the most useless Congress ever.

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