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The progressive editorial cartoon about the GOP's inability to elect a speaker of the house.

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Drew and Mimi Are the Same Person.

What made the "Irish Drinking Song" and "Hoe-Down" segments of "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" so enjoyable was that it was so obviously despised by the comics. They hated it because it takes an absurdly nimble mind to accomplish the task of building a song on the fly and also, hopefully, making it funny. It's a skill very few are capable of on a professional level.

WLIIA cast-member Colin Mochrie (mockery?) was no doubt beloved by the crew but occasionally, and intentionally, they'd toss him a rhyme using any number of words rhyming with "duck". When it happened you could see the momentary shift of his eyes stage left as he said to himself "You bastards" before magically extricating himself with an hilarious non sequitur.

I love those moments.

Thank you, Youtube.


Do you know why comedy is the opposite of politics?

It's because there's truth in comedy.


When the Republican side of the House lost Louie Gohmert you'd have thought its average IQ could only have risen.



At the moment, House Republicans inability to choose a speaker is a ridiculous spectacle but if this goes on for weeks or months, which is conceivable considering a group of the biggest GOP troublemakers are calling themselves the "Taliban 19, the function of government in this country will grind to a standstill.

Especially if they decide to hold the debt limit hostage, then the whole world's goose is cooked.

The goal for these Republican neo-Congressmen's intent to make a mockery of governance is not yet clear, though it may be that they're just morons, elected by other morons. We can only hope that's all it is.


After Damar Hamlin went down from an ill-timed blow to his sternum his NFL masters considered continuing the game. I mean, it's not like Damar was kneeling and demanding equal protection under the law. To the owners of the NFL, that's the really serious stuff. No, this was just another on-field injury. Just rub some dirt on the old ticker and get back out there, soldier.

Then the blow-back started and they 'magnanimously' decided to postpone the game.

But you can't blame the NFL for being heartless about Hamlin's situation because, well, they ARE heartless.


I posted my previous cartoon, concerning bad guys with guns vs. good guys with guns, on Reddit and it did very well, reaching the #1 spot in the /r/politicalhumor sub-reddit. But it also received a lot of criticism, as expected, as it's clear from the many comments defending gun ownership that anyone who owns a gun feels they're totally incapable of error or common human emotions.

The point of the 'comic' was that humans can't be trusted, especially those with weapons of war, under any circumstances.

Then today a story appeared out of Enoch, Utah of a family of eight, including five children, who were found dead in their home as a result of gun shots. Authorities haven't reported as much but there's little doubt in my mind that a murder-suicide will be the reason for the deaths. (See? Told ya.) Deaths that would never have occurred if there was no gun in the house.

Yeah, but what does a cartoonist know?


Quoth the Colin Mochrie: "Meow!"


end rant

News & Notes for January 5, 2023

Kevin McCarthy loses his sixth vote for Speaker of the House.

Special Counsel Jack Smith (finally!) arrives in Washington.

DOJ rules that the USPS can deliver abortion drugs to all states.

Matt Gaetz formally (LOL OMG ROFL) accuses Kevin McCarthy of squatting in speaker's office.

FBI increases reward for information of J6th piep bomber to $500,000.

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Who's A Lyin' Idjit Anyway? presents:
the GOP irish drinking song
Boebert: There's revolution in the land and we're all filled with rage.
Gaetz: But I don't care as long as my interns are underage.
Greene: We get our orders from fox news, direct from Mr. Tucker.
Jordan: Which means our Speaker of the house won't be that dirty
McCarthy: Meow.

The progressive editorial cartoon about the GOP's inability to elect a speaker of the house.

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