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The progressive editorial cartoon about a good guy with a gun.

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Ranty, Aim, Fire!

"Why is Lefty ranting about guns again? Has there been another mass shooting in this country/state/city/nearby elementary school? Oh, I get it. There are ALWAYS mass shootings occurring in this country and we've become so accustomed to the sound that we hardly even notice them over the background din. Why, just a few minutes ago I heard a full clip being fired from an AR-15 in full auto not more than 100 yards away from my home and I'm not even going to bother contacting the police about it because they're probably too frightened to confront the owner. And who can blame them? An AR-15 will turn your insides into guacamole in a heartbeat so I can understand why the police union does not use it's massive clout to remove those weapons from the hands of lunatics with an axe to grind. After all, if you know there's a bullet with your name on it that means extra time for coffee and a bear claw until all the victims are safely dead and all the ammo is expended.

But thank you anyway, Lefty. We'll remember your sarcastic jape about guns forever, or at least until we follow the next link to another web page where our existential dread of guns in the hands of maniacs will be washed away like bird poop from a windshield after a warm spring rain."


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News & Notes for January 2, 2023

President Joe Biden commemorates 160th anniversary of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.

People can now carry unlicensed guns in half of American states.

Bill to curb the high costs of prison phone calls to be signed by President Joe Biden.

Number of new U.S. citizens hits 15-year high.

New York approves composting of human bodies.

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How to tell if you're a bad guy with a gun or a good guy with a gun
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bad guy with a gun.

The progressive editorial cartoon about the bad guy with a gun.

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