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The progressive editorial cartoon about god's command that women suffer pain in childbirth.

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Bite Down

I won't attempt to even TRY to make logical sense of the story of the Garden of Eden, especially when it comes to explaining how creatures assembled from clumps of mud and a rib bone are suddenly able to procreate because they nommed a metaphorical fruit salad.

If Christian women really followed the Bible they'd never have Caesarean sections and just die in horrible pain like the Lord meant them to.

All I can figure is that god evidently forgot to convert from SAE to metric when he designed the female pelvic girdle.

Suffice to say that if the human brain had continued to grow, as the archeological record indicates, the human race would have died out long ago. And if it was significantly smaller we'd have never discovered advanced technologies.


Technical Note: Yes, I modestly altered the text in panel two for increased comedic effect a day or two after its initial appearance. I did this because (A) I could and (B) I had to. I mean, I just HAD to! May Cthulhu save my soul.


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News & Notes for September 17, 2022

Matt Gaetz sought, for some strange reason, a pardon for sex trafficking.

DeSantis not finished kidnapping immigrants.

DOJ appeals judge's decision to delay classified document investigation.

Republicans have built a time machine powered by racism.

Amwrica's Christian majority could end in the nexy fifty years.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

God: And so, Eve, as punishment for defying my laws you will suffer pain in childbirth.
Eve: Wait. Are you saying you intentionally designed us to have huge heads thus ensuring pain or death while squeezing a child out my hoo-haw... long before we ever thought of eating of the fruit of the tree of you're a huge asshole?
God: I think you meant the tree of knowledge of good and…
Eve: You heard me!

The progressive editorial cartoon about god's command that women suffer pain in childbirth.

abortion comic greed comic