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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's bottomless criminality.

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Taking the Waters

If I wanted to keep the 97% under the boot-heel of economic forces, if I wanted the economically disadvantaged to forever struggle to attain financial security, if I wanted to keep higher education out of reach for all but the sons and daughters of the wealthy...

I'd ban abortion.


Regarding Lindsey "What's A Uterus?" Graham's new anti-abortion bill: If I thought Graham had one patriotic, Democracy-loving bone in his body I'd almost think he was TRYING to drive Dems to the polls in order to pull this country back from the authoritarian edge.

But, sadly, no.

This is just more in-the-bubble GOP obtuseness.


The GQP is unhappy with the tentative agreement worked out with the rail industry, with the aid of President Joe Biden, because workers won't suffer economically or lose any of their Constitutional rights.

GQP: "Why won't Biden just sit down and let us do our job?"


Also GQP:

GQP: "Let's use Congress's power to force the rail workers to take it or leave it."

Biden: "Sorry, I already helped swing a deal that helps both the union and management."

GQP: "Uhh, yeah. That's what we meant."


About now Mike Lindell is calling his lawyers for legal help, and Martha Stewart for her prison-wine recipes.


Regarding Trump's recent visit to his Virgina golf course and all those telephoto shots of the Great Orange Dope and his band of goons:

When Trump is near a camera: He's lying.

When Trump is far away from cameras: He's up to something.


After Disney created live-action versions of The Lion King, Pinocchio, and The Little Mermaid I wonder if they're also considering someday producing a live-action version of the Trump presidency.


(Fun Fact:

In the original 1940 version of Walt Disney's "Pinocchio" they never show his elbows.)


end rant

News & Notes for September 15, 2022

In new poll President Joe Biden's approval rating jumps from 36 to 45 points.

President Joe Biden uses his influence to hammer out tentative agreement and avert railroad strike.

President Joe Biden signs executive order designed to block Chinese investment in U.S. technology.

President Joe Biden outpacing Trump in judicial nominations.

President Joe Biden pledges $900 million dollars for electric vehicle infrastructure.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's bottomless criminality.

female mortality comic sisyphus comic