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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's legal troubles.

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Down and Out

The Big Trump Lie: "The election was stolen."

The Biggest Trump Lie: "I'm innocent."


Two federal employees have stolen classified documents...

Reality Winner.

Unreality Loser.

One went to jail but shouldn't have.

One is going to jail and should have been there a LONNNNNNG time ago.


Republicans are screaming "Defund the FBI" because they have safes, too.


I watch Stephen Colbert and am always heartened by his enthusiastic, progressive crowds.

Hannity and Tucker Carlson play to empty rooms because there aren't enough Red Hats in New York to fill a phone booth.


In the light of the Ahmaud Aubrey today sentencing you just KNOW that somewhere in America still exists pockets of racist yokels who are asking themselves "You mean it's really illegal to shoot unarmed Black men?"


Inside Story: I had a new comic all ready to go on Monday, one about Biden's many legislative accomplishments, when the news broke about the counterintelligence export control raid on Mar-a-Lago. Needless to say the past two days have been one of blissful schadenfreude-scrolling. I hope you'll forgive me these moments of personal ecstasy.

As for the abandoned 'toon? Maybe tomorra.


end rant

News & Notes for August 10, 2022

An informer told the FBI what docs Trump was hiding, and where.

President Joe Biden's approval rating jumps to highest level in two months.

Trump takes the fifth, over and over and over, just like he's guilty or something.

Scott Perry's cell phone seized by the FBI.

President Joe Biden signs the PACT Act.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's legal woes.

biden did this comic roe wade  comic