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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

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Scorched Mother Earth

If everyone pissed about the monstrous, theocratic abomination the Supreme Court has become actually marches to the polls and puts more Democratic butts in the U.S. House and Senate then President Joe Biden can safely and confidently expand the Court and make the quislings installed by America's oligarchs totally moot.


Let me see if I understand this properly:

Red Hats think merely being asked to wear a mask to control a deadly virus is an attack on personal freedom but forcing a woman to go full-term with an unintended pregnancy isn't?

Furthermore, they are perfectly fine with the idea of spreading disease that can kill other people but will raise bloody Hell if a woman decides to, or has to in order to save her own life, destroy a tiny blob of undifferentiated tissue.

Oooooo-kay then.


The Left: "Trump is a fascist who wants to be dictator."

U.S.: "What? No way!"

Trump leads an insurrection.

U.S. "Wow! You were right! Why didn't anyone warn us?"

The Left: "The GOP's gonna gut Roe."

U.S.: "What? No way."

The GOP guts Roe.

U.S.: "Hey! You were right! Why didn't anyone warn us?"

The Left: "The GOP's going to get rid of Social Security and Medicare."

U.S.: "No way!"

The Left: Mutters under breath ["Fuck fuck fuck fuck!"]


end rant

News & Notes for May 6, 2022

Benjamin Franklin put an abortion recipe in his math textbook.

Texas Governor Abbott wants to kill public education.

Trump broke the EPA but President Joe Biden is trying to fix it.

Eight state attorneys general call on President Joe Biden to cancel all federal student debt.

Senator Susan Collins is a lying, woman-hating cunt. Cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt-cunt.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

As genie of the lamp I grant you both one wish.
Red hat: I wish that anyone who has an abortion gets life in prison!
Woman: I wish men got pregant and had the babies.
Genie: No do-overs, dude.

The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

abortion comic abortion comic