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The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion.

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Shoddy Frauds

Regarding the unexpected (or totally expected) revelations regarding the decision of six assorted drunks, sex abusers and wild-eyed evangelicals to put "settled law" to the axe, I'd like to offer my theory that certain elements of SCOTUS intentionally leaked the decision to the press.

Yes, intentionally.

You see, anyone metabolizing oxygen knew what the above-mentioned sextet had long planned for Roe V. Wade and that the decision to neuter it, or erase it entirely, was bewilderingly timed to occur right before the mid-term elections. Which would, one would think, be terribly unfortunate scheduling for any Conservative politician.

So what better way to douse the flames of Liberal ire than to initially appear to undermine all social progress over the past 70 years only to, SURPRISE, offer a final draft in July which just makes it only a smidgen harder to attain a safe and reasonable medical procedure than before.

"Oh!" sayeth the Liberal hordes, "This isn't so bad after all. I wonder what's on TV."

For all involved I hope I'm wrong and Progressives still drown their local voting place in righteous rage. But, speaking cynically, there was no reason at ALL for the decision to be handed down this Summer. After 50 years of profiting off pious voters I'm sure the GOP would have been happy to wait a couple months longer.

Either way, if everyone doesn't see the all-too-real danger of this radical Supreme Court and doesn't vote to put the Executive Branch back in control by adult Democrats, we're cooked.

See you at the polls.


To be clear, I don't want or need to be making comics about abortion. Abortion will always be with us, like the rain, like the sun, no matter how ironclad the laws.

Meanwhile the oil companies get rich off war and the environment is sawing at its veins and American kids are dying of gunshots and people in other countries are starving and too many people are homeless. Let's start there.


end rant

News & Notes for May 4, 2022

57 percent of Americans favor abortion rights.

Democrat flips deep-Red Michigan district by 16 points.

Pro-choice protestors chant "Fuck Alito" outside Supreme Court.

An April poll reveals 78% of Texans approve of abortion.

President Joe Biden says the U.S. will pay down the national debt for the first time in six years.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Instead of providing expectant mothers with financial aid for both medical expenses and for raising the child through adulthood why does the GOP only want to restrict reproductive rights?
Republican elephant: Because, uhh, because…
Lefty: Because schadenfreude?
Uhhh, gesundheit?

The progressive editorial cartoon about abortion and reproductive rights for women

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