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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican spinelessness.

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Home of the slave

Marjorie Taylor Greene is whining about having to answer questions under oath about her part in Trump's insurrection.

Hillary's just laughing and laughing.


What does DeSantis have against Disney?

In "The Little Mermaid" a half-naked Caucasian immigrant female forfeits her right to speak for herself in order to become a child-bride to an oligarch in a land without Brown people.

It's like a wish his heart makes.


Dear Florida; "Owning the libs" is not effective government. Helping ALL the people is effective government.

Just in case you forgot.


What I've learned over the years is that Republicans do not recognize a particular disease unless they or someone in their family suffers from it.(See: Reagan)

So when Tucker Carlson starts talking about "low testosterone"...


After listening to Rachel Maddow explain how Putin has used trumped-up charges of pedophilia against his political enemies, in order to control or eliminate them, I had an "A-HA!" moment about what's really on the "Trump Pee Tape".

It's not a "pee" tape at all, it's a "p" tape.

And that's why Trump is terrified of it.


end rant

News & Notes for April 21, 2022

Oh, look. Ron DeSantis is a bald-faced, lying, shit-weasel concerning Disney.

Oh, look. Florida taxpayers on the line for a one billion dollar increase in taxes due to Ron DeSantis' math book grift.

Oh, look. Kevin McCarthy wanted Trump to resign, and then he didn't, and then he lied about it.

Oh, look. Mitch McConnell thought Trump should be impeached, and then he didn't.

Oh, look. The Conservatives on the Surpeme Court just told Puerto Rico's poor and hungry to go screw themselves.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican spinelessness

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