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The progressive editorial cartoon about the top news stories of 2022.

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Extry! Extry! Stream all About It!

Well, the end of 2022 is fast approaching. My creamy and delicious braim may be currently fogged by either high-test libations or long covid but I seem to recall, back in the good old days, that the semi-fortnight period between the 25th of December and the 1st of January was a bit quieter, more relaxed, leaving plenty of time for self-reflection and multiple runs to the corner store for eggnog, batteries, tampons and the occasional can of fake snow, at 50% off, of course.

Today the news cycle is still full steam ahead in the midst of holiday pleasures thanks to Trump's multiple criminal escapades plus an hellacious arctic blast rampaging across this country that has left people hungry and freezing in New York and stranded just about everywhere Southwest Airlines has a ticket counter.


So happy that the peeps are conveniently only a few gallons of poisonous petroleum derivative away.

The list of meaningful and lasting stories from 2022 could certainly have been a lot longer than the nine I chose to run with, but the year's not over. Maybe there's yet a small list of stories that we should have been paying more attention to but which were skipped by the corporate media which depends on something more click-baity in order to sell that eggnog, tampons and/or super-spiffy electric wonder vehicles.

Anyhoo, hope you all had a nice weekend and I hope you have plans, that may or may not involve explosives, dangerously alcoholic libations or impulsive romantic liaisons, to welcome in the new year.



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News & Notes for December 27, 2022

Putin critic dies after "fall" from hotel window in India.

Tesla has lost nearly a trillion dollars in stock value.

Podcaster evidence frees two men falsely imprisoned for 25 years.

Emperor penguins at risk of extinction.

Conservatives on Supreme court tell legitimate asylum-seekers to go screw themselves..

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
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top news stories of 2022
Russia invades Ukraine Tonka tank we can't lose.
worldwide droughts, cow skull fuck cars
Musk buys Twitter blue bird with fork stuck in it
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson girls rule!
SCOTUS overturns Roe handcuss Texas birth control
January 6th commiyttee Trumps'a fink
James Webb Space Telescope alien saucer hi
Red wave fizzles GOP elephant oh pooh
Trump steals classified docs on sale now while they last

The progressive editorial cartoon about the top news stories of 2022.

new  years 2023 comic let it snow comic