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The progressive editorial cartoon about nick fuentes.

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Keith Olbermann predicts that this Nick Fuentes disaster will be the final straw on the elephant's back, that this political gaffe insures Trump will not be the Republican candidate for president in 2024.

Which means Trump will run third-party in 2024 if he's indicted, if he's in jail, even if he's fucking dead. Thus splitting the party and thus almost ensuring a Democrat in the White House, maybe even a Black female one.


In 2009 the GOP called Barack Obama "Hitler".

In 2022 the GOP likes Hitler.

Therefore, the GOP likes Obama.


Herschel Walker, 2022: "Yes, my home is in Texas but I'm a Georgia resident because I'm here now so what's the big deal, Dems?"

Hitler, 1941: "I didn't invade France because the Germans own it now, so what's the big deal, Allied dudes?"


If eating dog de-wormer and sticking a light bulb up my ass would save us from Elon Musk, I'd do it.


Remember when Mr. Burns blotted out the sky over Springfield to make more money with his nuclear plant?

Are we similarly in danger losing the night sky as a result of corporations surrounding the Earth with star-obscuring satellites?

I say "Yes".


end rant

News & Notes for November 30, 2022

Herschel Walker: "I live in Texas."

Hakeem Jeffries chosen to succeed Nancy Pelosi in the House.

Oath Keepers convicted of sedition.

Right-wing Jews bail on Trump.

Twelve Republican Senators to support to protect same-sex marriage.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Nick Fuentes.

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