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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's special prosecutor.

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Impolitic Politics

Beto O'Rourke lost his 2022 bid to become Texas's first Democratic governor in decades because he had common sense solutions to the gun problem.

And that's why Republicans in charge of the Texas government don't care if schoolchildren are murdered in their seats.

They understand that the more kids that die in shootings, the more Democrats will cry for gun control, the more Texas gun-owners will flock to the polls to protect their 600 rounds-per-minute entitlement and put even more Republicans in office.

Texas Republicans are very barbaric and someone should never stop slapping them.


Some of the first electric vehicles appeared as far back as 1835. By 1890 practical electric vehicles were being manufactured and sold. They were very popular, being quieter and easier to drive than gasoline-powered vehicles, but by the 1920s their limited range and a lack of electric infrastructure couldn't compete with petroleum powered cars.

If the government had stepped in at that time and developed a nationwide system of charging stations, not to mention funding improvements in battery capacity, Twitter wouldn't BE in this mess today. [badoom-ssss]


One last, self-serving thing.

Last year I was searching for a reasonably-priced cell phone provider and I discovered a company called Tello. Their rates were dirt-cheap so I tried them and found their service to be rock-solid. (It's based on the Sprint system)

I've since told all my friends about the company and several happily made the switch.

So, without sounding too much like a shill, if you'd like to save some serious dough please check them out at tello.com. If you use this link and sign up we'll both get a $10 bonus. Thanks!


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News & Notes for November 18, 2022

Merrick Garland names special prosecutor in the Trump investigations.

GOP operative illegally funneled Russian money to Team Trump.

Former war crimes prosecutor appointed to investigate Trump.

Nancy Pelosi to step down as Democratic party leader.

Texas Republicans pile on LGBTQ.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: The DOJ has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Trump.
GOP elephant: Totally political!
Because he announced his campaign early in order to avoid prosecution.
Not political.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's special prosecutor.

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