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The progressive editorial cartoon about how to use a hammer.

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How to Use A Hammer

If Trump's scurvy swine are going to hammer us then I think it's only fair that we hammer back.


The only thing that really surprised me about the attack on Paul Pelosi is that the assailant didn't have a gun.


This was just a quick idea, successful or not. Enjoy.
See you on Halloween.


end rant

News & Notes for October 29, 2022

Rand Paul finds a way to be an immense asshole about the attack on Paul Pelosi.

The GOP is lying to the public about crime statistics.

Trump tax cuts set the stage for today's inflation.

Obama: "You wouldn't let Herschel Walker perform surgery on you or fly your plane. Why would you trust him as a Senator?"

Fox News, like the enemy to Democracy that it is, unsurprisingly blames President Joe Biden for the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about how to properly use a hammer.

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