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The progressive editorial cartoon about GOP vote theft.

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"Just the Tip, I promise."

How messed-up, screwed-up, fucked-up are Republicans in my state of Texas?

They've made it legal for anyone in the entire country to sue a Texas woman if she has a medical procedure. Of course, we're talking about abortion because you can't sue a guy for walking into a school and shooting dozens of kids.


Right-wingers are incensed that Hunter Biden, a private citizen whose dad worked his ass off to be our President, sells his art but they don't say a word when their own war criminal prez, Dubya, hawks his shitty paintings?

Gimme a goddamn break.


(Because I was curious)

According to Wikipedia.

Countries that do not use electronic voting for national elections:

Argentina, Australia [edit], Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.

Countries that use electronic voting for national elections:

Belgium, Estonia, India, The Philippines, United Arab Emirates, USA, Venezuela.

This is not a complete list or 100% accurate (Hey, I did my best) but it's a clear indication that we're wayyyy out of step with the way the rest of the world chooses its leaders.

My opinion: Mail-in ballots for everyone.


When you buy veggies at the market they come in sealed plastic bags. Since those veggies are only good for a few days shouldn't they be packaged in containers that decompose quickly, after a few weeks?


Remember the internet before Google? Do you recall how you felt the first time you did a search from its website? To me it was like magic powered by atomic rainbows snorted from the nostrils of unicorns.

We get so jaded so quickly.


end rant

News & Notes for July 10th, 2021

Fox News has gone fucking crazy over vaccinations.

Republicans have gone fucking crazy at CPAC.

Crazy fuckers Gaetz and Greene rejected by Orange County.

Republican fuckers caught thanking Sinema and Manchin for keeping the filibuster alive.

Texas Republican fuckers arrest (black) man who stood in line six hours to vote.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican vote theft.

gop vote theft comic gop vote theft comic