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The progressive editorial cartoon about GOP obscenities.

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Why couldn't the 115-degree heat wave in Washington State have hovered over Washington, DC for a week instead?

After all, Republicans only seem to understand the severity of important issues, like climate change, when it happens to to them.


A year ago Mark McCloskey and his wife stood in the front yard of their expensive St. Louis home and waved guns at peaceful protestors, including women and children, who had taken a wrong turn.

Ten days ago the McCloskey's plead guilty to criminal charges for what they did that day. They were forced to give up their guns and pay large fines.

Two days ago the McCloskey's held a rally for his U.S. Senate bid in a mall parking lot. The empty chairs far outnumbered the small crowd.

As a footnote, the event required tickets but so few were sold they eventually threw the doors open to anyone who happened by.

For the record, no other family in the McCloskey's 'hood stood armed and ready on their sidewalk, ready to defend America's honor, that fateful day.

And if the protestors HAD been armed wanna bet the McCloskey's would have stayed inside?


While Republicans are doing nothing but calling everyone else pedophiles Democrats are going to pass bills that fix the infrastructure, aid voting, and help families.


Maricopa County in Arizona now has to get rid of all their voting machines contaminated by the Cyber Ninjas. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to offer mail-in ballots for all.


Toyota is a very, very profitable company. Why the HELL do they need to continue to bribe congressmen? Especially the ones determined to subvert our Democracy?


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News & Notes for June 29th, 2021

Orange Lump of Stool has full meltdown over Barr and McConnell.

House passes vote to remove Confederate statues from Capitol.

Joe Manchin on board with Democrat-only infrastructure bill.

Trump's Alabama rally cancelled because it was too full of Trump.

Arizona county to replace all voting machines due to contamination by Cyber Ninja recount.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about GOP obscenity

GOP vote theft comic critical race theory comic