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The progressive editorial cartoon about the January 6th investigation.

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Elementary, My Dear Pelosi!

If you think it's despicable that the GOP is declining to investigate the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol, just think what they'd be doing now if it had succeeded.


Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mitt Romney could have voted to allow debate on new voting legislation with no real political consequences. But, no. They're totally and completely in the bag with this Republican push for total dominance of this country.

Remember this vote.


If the GOP ever takes the White House, House, and Senate again they will most certainly end the filibuster "Because the Democrats woulda!" and pass legislation that no one but the rich and power hungry would want.

Kristyn Sinema is a goddamn fool. Or a goddamned tool.


Regarding the Supreme Court's recent ruling on obscenity:

Using the word "fuck" continually is mostly a sign of a limited vocabulary and/or imagination but using it will not consign anyone to Satan's School For Wayward Humans.

That this case got to the Supreme Court shows how fucked-up Americans really are.


I wouldn't be surprised if Texas eventually became the sort of place where you needed two weapons in order to buy a form of ID.


When you see video of "parents" going ape-shit at school board meetings over Critical Race Theory (Which isn't taught in grade school) please remember this:

I know someone who was paid handsomely by the insurance industry to protest the ACA at town hall meetings back in '09-'10.


The Treasonous Right is trying to make the term "Critical Race Theory" as skeery as "Antifa", "Communist", and "high fiber". But it's what they gotta do to get the suburbs back in time for the mid-terms.


And, finally...

To all the frequent visitors of this site --- the fans, the haters, the girlfriends, the ex-wives, the friends, the ex-friends, the cartoon syndicate menials, the Red Hats frustrated by the moderated comment box, foreigners who can't understand why I keep drawing elephants in suits, the NSA, the Google data-bots, the debt-collectors, the pandemicly isolated who've literally seen everything on Netflix and will look at anything on the 'net rather than venture back into the world into the face of Trump's apocalypse, the masochists, the shoppers here in the mistaken belief that I sell pencils, and Fred Smith of Weehauken, New Jersey, --- I offer a big juicy, humble wad of "Sorry 'bout that" for the long delay 'tween this 'toon and the last. To say the least, this is a bizarre epoch and I can only depict the Republican Party's treason so many times before I want to open a vein.

Oh, the days when I could do a simple cartoon on animal cruelty, or pollution, or whether pineapple belongs on a pizza.

In the words of Trae Crowder: "Love ya'll!"


end rant

News & Notes for June 25th, 2021

Every day we learn a little bit more about what a massive asshole Trump is.

The Pentagon fights back against GOP condemnation of Critical Race Theory!

President Joe Biden says that election Day should be a holiday.

President Joe Biden opinion about the labor shortage: "Pay them more!"

Justice Department to sue Georgia over new voting restrictions.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

TV: Today we're launching an full inquiriy into the cause of Janusry 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol.
(12 seconds later) TV: It was Trump.
Guy watching TV: What took you so long?

The progressive editorial cartoon about about the root cause of the attack on the U.S. Capitol

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