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The progressive editorial cartoon about other uses for covid-19 masks.

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Boycott Boycotts

Fox News doesn't actually make their fattest of profits from commercials. Most of it, over a billion dollars per year, comes from the carriage fees paid by cable subscribers. Each household pays $2 a month for Fox News. Multiply that by 80 million cable-equipped households times twelve months a year. That's a lot of propaganda.

Therefore, contact your cable company and demand they stop charging you for Fox News. I've read claims from people who have actually received a refund. Think how happy that will make you and how unhappy it will make Rupert Murdoch.


One of the Proud Boys, Ethan Nordean, is complaining that he's being detained in a cell with someone who has "potentially threatening mental illness".

Well, you know what they say...

Birds of a feather are locked together.


Hey, racist police jerks;

If you keep killing innocent black men you're engaging in a form of reparations.

Yeah, reparations. The thing you really hate.

Think about it, assholes. The resultant civil trials of your violent ass-holery redistributes millions of tax-dollars in civil fines, your tax dollars, to the families of the victims which could, in theory, eventually eliminate the five-fold gap between black and white wealth in this country.

Just, you know, sayin'. Either way, stop killing people!


I'm of the wholly-unscientific opinion that Conservatives must be in possession of a special sixth sense, one that almost magnetically attracts them to the pain and suffering of the unfortunate in the same fashion, and for the same reason, that sharks can sniff out blood in the water from miles away.


"I went to a place and seen a thing last week."

"Did you now?"


"What kind of thing was it?"

"It was like a big hole in the ground. Real big, you know."

"Did it do anything?"

"No, it was just a hole. A big hole, though. Bigger'n anything around here I tell you that."

"I can only imagine."

"I also went to this other place and seen another thing."

"What kind of thing?"

"It was like they took all the rocks from that big hole and stacked it up real high, like a, uh, like a pyramid."

"Was this pyramid in the same place as the hole?"

"Aw, hell, no. It was way far away."

"See this picture on my phone? Is that the thing?"

"Yeah, that's the big pile of rocks all right."

"Is it a good picture? Does it look just like the pile of rocks?"

"Sure does."

"Then tell me… why did you waste all that time and money and god knows how much CO2 to go all the way to the other side of the world just to see it when there are perfectly good photos of it in the palm of your hand?"

"Why? WHY? Well, because… because…because YOU haven't been there. That's why! So there, smart guy!"

"That's fine. I stayed home and fucked your wife. You want to see the pictures?"


end rant

News & Notes for April 24, 2021

Debt collectors going after Trump.

Trump expensive, nativist walls scaled using $5 ladders.

Biden becomes first American president to label mass killing of Armenians a genocide.

Ted Cruz is a lying, gaslighting asshole.

To save the USPS we must fire DeJoy.

Raging Commercialism
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Other uses for covid masks.
Senior runner with mask on top of bald head.
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Fox News Tucker Carlson with mask across entire stupid face. Chyron reads: What does a moron look like?
The progressive editorial cartoon about other uses for covid-19 masks.

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