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If everyone is armed:

1. You can't tell who the bad guy is.
2. You can't outrun a bullet.
3. You can't protect yourself from a bullet WITH a bullet.
4. The bad guys always shoot first.

No one needs a gun unless they can prove they eat everything they kill with it.


Conservatives were all against legalized pot... until President Biden sidelined five White House smokers. Now Conservatives are all in favor of it.

Ohhh, that crafty little bastard.


Fox News is SO VERY INTENT on portraying President Joe Biden as mentally incompetent because they want you to forget what a drug-addled, simple-minded failure the Former Occupant was.


Republicans believe that the best way for a president to handle the border immigration problem is to golf a lot while his cronies enrich themselves on the misery of women and children. That's why they're so pissed about the way President Biden is handling the situation.


Red Hat: No one can take mah freedums away!

Airline: Sorry, sir, but you have to wear a mask to board this plane.

Red Hat: But muh freedums?

Airline: And put out that goddamn cigarette!

Red Hat: Muh freedums. Muh freedums.


There's going to come a time when all passenger cars are powered by batteries.

What is eventually going to be the difference between SUV's made from each of the major car manufacturers? Not much, really. Style, maybe, although I dare anyone who's not an expert to tell the difference between an Acura SUV and a Ford SUV if you remove the labels.

Today, there are many consumer items that are exactly the same item except with different manufacturer names on the front. Maybe the future of cars is an inexpensive one, a moderately-priced one, and a luxury version.


end rant

News & Notes for March 23, 2021

Betsy DeVos made as much as $414 million while destroying the Department of Education.

Kim Janey becomes first women and person of color to become mayor of Boston.

RWNJ Sydney Powell declares she lied about voter conspiracy theories.

Republicans present bullshit arguments against DC statehood.

New York times estimates that the ultra-wealthy are refusing to pay as much as $1.4 trillion in uncollected taxes.

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Straight News
Hello? Fire department? My house is on fire! My address is...
Sorry. You have the wrong number.
This is the fear department.
The… fear department?
GOP: Yeah. What we do here is take simple social issues, gin them up as the work of Satan and then gaslight conservative voters with our new message until they ultimately reject reality and vote for any moron with an "R" after his name.
Our taxes pay for this, doesn't it?
Yes, and socialism is the work of Satan! Oops, sorry. Force of habit.

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