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The progressive editorial cartoon about gun safety.

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Gun Go Boom

"If Guns Were More Like Cars", a Raging Pencils fantasy.

It was a crisp spring day and Bill Johnson suddenly felt the urge to go kill an innocent woodland creature. He grabbed his gun keys, walked into the garage and fired up his trusty Smith and Wesson, a vintage '65 his father had given him as a graduation present. The ammo indicator sprung to life and settled at half capacity. The battery was at full charge but the oil level light was blinking. Worse, Bill noticed his inspection sticker was about to expire.

"Two birds, one stone, I guess" said Bill to himself as he checked his wallet to make sure his gun insurance was up to date before heading out to visit the armorer. A good oiling with some of that new synthetic stuff would do the old girl good, he thought, and maybe he'd get the sights aligned while he was there.

Bill walked off briskly towards the main square and soon stopped at an intersection. As he waited a young man raced up next to him and skidded to a stop. He was carrying an Italian Baretta AR90 with a high-capacity banana clip and was angrily cocking and recocking it, the chattering sound rending the air, daring Bill to take him on.

Bill just looked straight on, ignoring the challenge. Laughing with scornful impatience, the young man raced off, still furiously chambering rounds when all of a sudden there was a loud bang and the kid veered into a ditch.

When Bill arrived his practiced eye confirmed his suspicions. The young man had neglected to set his safety and had shot himself in the foot. He lay there, his rifle scattered in smoking pieces, muttering to himself "My Dad's gonna kill me."

Later, after the ambulance and the police had left, Bill stood and wistfully pondered for a moment his reckless, younger days when a gun almost cost him his own life. But after a few moments he realized it was getting late, so he double-checked his safety, aimed his gun downtown and proceeded onward.

Maybe he was still distracted, thinking about the kid, or maybe it was the glare from the sun reflecting off his bifocals but Bill probably didn't see the deer crossing sign. He certainly didn't see the deer.


Concerning all the recent news which reveals what a bunch of greedy, unscrupulous poopoo-heads the Fastbuck, I mean, Facebook management is I still contend that Fastbuck, I mean Fascistblog can be a force for good AND a place to share pictures of our food as long as we:

1. Use an ad blocker.
2. Never click on ads (or polls).
3. Never Friend someone you don't know.
4. Always verify information before sharing it.
5. Don't give Farcebilk, I mean, Fakebulk accurate personal information, just to screw with their data-mining. (FB thinks I'm a grandmother living in Oatmeal, Texas. I'm not and I don't.)

Did I miss anything?


The following is the approximate conversation I had yesterday with a neighbor. Thankfully not a close neighbor.

Me: "How's it going?"
Him: "Hillary."
Me: "Nice weather, huh?"
Him: "Hillary."
Me: "Uh, yeah, she's okay."
Him: "Hillary, that bitch."
Me: "Hey, did I tell you about the time Laura Bush killed a man?"
Him: "Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!"
Me: "You haven't been vaccinated yet, have you?"
Him: "Fuckin' Hillary!"
Me: "Oooh-kay. Laterz."
Him: "Hillary."


It's estimated that between 55 and 100 million Native Americans, 90% of their population, died from European diseases spread by the colonists. If the native people's had already developed modern antiviral technology it would have been MUCH more difficult for the invaders to steal this country from them.

The tongue-in-cheek lesson is: If you enjoy the fruits of this conquered land, and don't want to die like them dumb ol' Injuns, then get vaccinated and protect yourself from foreign viruses.


Health Update:

First, I'm feeling much better these days and am looking forward to new creations come November.

Second, in an effort to quiet my anxiety before sleep I've taken to sitting up against the headboard, a comfy pillow in my back, and I meditate while performing deep breathing exercises. I oftentimes catch myself drifting off to sleep in this position and will quickly slide under the covers before I topple over and out of the bed.

Then there are the times when I transition from sitting up to lying down and I have no memory of it. It's sort of magical and I recommend it.


Today's comic originally appeared May 5, 2013.


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News & Notes for October 27th, 2021

Judge rules that people shot by Kyle Rittenhouse cannot be called 'victims'. What the fucking FUCK?!

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Car: Designed to transport people from point A to point B.
safety bumpers, body designed to crumple safely on impact, anti-lock brakes, shatterproof glass, license, inspection, rearview mirrors, radar detection, headlights, brake-lights, side lights, defroster, airbags, padded dash, run-flat tires, keys, locks
Toaster: Designed to make toast.
Stay-cool top and sides, anti-tip-over sensor, bread lift, cut-off switch, auto shut-off timer.
Gun: Designed to kill people.
The progressive comic about gun safety.

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