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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican hatred of the lower class.

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The Brick Wall Party

This cartoon is seven years old. Could it have been written yesterday?


Yes, it could.


For Joe Manchin it's all about the coal mine owners, not the miners. When the coal is no longer profitable the miner's will be set adrift to fend for themselves.

And isn't it coincidental that a Senator named Joe (Lieberman) denied Americans single-payer health insurance in 2010 and a Senator named Joe (Manchin) is denying the world a chance to save itself from climate change in 2021?


GOP: "Don't vote!"

GOP voters: "We won't."

Election results: Democratic blowout.

GOP: "Something's wrong. There are too few Republican votes. Better throw out the results and pick our own winners."


I, your progressive visual minstrel, have a DSL internet connection, which runs at a blazing 25Mbps down and 2Mbps up. It's 100 per-cent suitable for my needs, but lately I've been contacted nearly every day by my ISP, dear old Eighty Auntie, insistently trying to get me to level-up to fiber.

"Does the fiber line come directly to my modem?" I ask.

"No", Auntie replies, with a noticeable trace of annoyance. "It comes to the pole. It's copper the rest of the way."

"Then that's not fiber. That's copper. So you're saying that copper can give me fiber speeds, right? Then why do I need fiber?"

Auntie: "Uhhhhhh……"

Then she quickly collects herself. "But just think how much faster your data will download."

"Look", I say. "Come to my house. You won't see a $50,000 Mac Pro simultaneously downloading and uploading 8K HD RAW video files of the latest Hollywood extravaganzas 24/7. I don't even have Netflix but I hear their codecs are so refined they can offer Ultra HD/4K video at 25Mbps. So why the heck would I need gigabit download speeds when I'm just checking mail and doom-scrolling Reddit for news that Trump has been eaten by squirrels? In my opinion, this whole spiel about 'faster internet speeds' is just a marketing ploy no different from auto manufacturers offering 400 horsepower cars that can only drive 40mph to the Piggly Wiggly."

Eighty Auntie hates me.


Don't you just hate it when you eat a package of soylent green and then read the label and discover it was supposed to be three servings.


Today's comic originally appeared January 10, 2014.


end rant

News & Notes for October 20th, 2021

West Virginia's coal industry is doomed, and Joe Manchin will take down the rest of the state with it.

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Woman: I need a job, food stamps, health care, child care, veteran, sick, raped, pregnant.
GOP: Don't care.
What do you care about? Your vote.
The progressive editorial cartoon about the lazy, shiftless Republican Party

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