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The progressive editorial cartoon about Citizens United.

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On The Road

While on a long walk today I found a perfectly good Gen 1 iWatch in the gutter of my residential neighborhood. I often find cell phones of one brand or another but this is my first iWatch. It recharged fine so now I'm going to try and find it's lost owner, which will be tricky as the carrier has been disconnected, probably since the owner never expected to see it again.


I have an indecently early appointment with my GP this fine Monday morning. I need to have some nervous symptoms chased down, bound tightly in both duct tape and barbed wire and then buried in the back of a dark, unused lavatory never to be seen again.


This past Friday I visited the Super-Duper-Extry-Spatial Vincent Van Gogh exhibit of which so much has been said recently.

It was.... okay. And, yes, apart from this interactive tomfoolery I was carefully masked throughout.


Today's comic originally appeared June 22, 2012.


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News & Notes for October 11th, 2021

To absolutely no one's surprise we're learning that Donald Covfefe Trump wanted to be President forever. Or, in other words, until his adderall addiction finally kills him.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Citizens United.

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